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Love this quantum sharing! That enables us to further trust that all that we need is coming to us everyday in every way. ~Jackie

Bless you Grand Ma Chandra, somehow so many times you are right on dot about what's happening. And your messages make me feel normal. ~Mala

Your messages are always helpful and uplifting for what I'm experiencing. Love, patience and inspiration! Thank you again for your help. ~Connie

I hardly know how to put this into words. My deep appreciation for your loving care, the time you take to help all of us as we travel along our paths, how you guide us in our vision, expand our perception so we can ‘see’ better and open us more to who we really are. I am truly grateful to have my heart and mind come to a deeper and more meaningful understanding, to have my perceptions broadened so I can see better, and to learn more of who I am. ~Sharon, Canada

I felt alone and distanced from myself and others for a long time. So along you came with this lovely and beautiful reminder to raise my vibration…… Such a simple way to connect to my higher self and to all those glorious Masters, Teachers and Guides. I understand now. They never left, I did. As a result of your recent message, my New Year’s resolution arrived. Finally, thanks to you, I have a plan. Raise my vibration. Yes! With love and appreciation ~Unci

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the ways you have helped me grow. You are beyond extraordinary. Thank you for being here and for your beautiful divine presence!! Love to you ~Nancy T.

Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing this information because you have answered a question I have had from the beginning. I knew that you could cure yourself or would know those who could help you. What I didn’t understand was “why” you wouldn’t want to be healed but now I understand. You sharing this makes me feel closer to you and helps me understand more of how much you love us. ~Rina

Grandma Chandra I really love getting your emails. You teach me something with almost every email I get from you and you always bring me a more peaceful state of mind. ~Nichole

Sending love and gratitude for your presence here and your vision and guidance. ~Elizabeth

Thank you for these weekly messages. They are interesting and inspiring. Thank you for being messengers and healers on this life journey. Life is definitely becoming more fun and more interesting as these changes take their place within! Blessings of unconditional love and joy to both of you! ~Jackie

Grandma Chandra’s Archives

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Big Shifts

Collapsing of the Old Structures

Sirius Gateway

Higher Karmic Counsel

Summer Solstice 2024

Higher Timeline

Power of Numbers

May 24th Gateway

May 18, 2024

New World of Love and Compassion

Your Star Family

Seeding Process

April the 4th Month

Dance of Hearts

April 8th Eclipse

April 2024

Build Yourself In the New 5D Reality

Trinity Relationship

The Separation

2222 Stargate

3D Separation

The Year of the Dragon

February 2024

Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies

Main Vector

Communicate On the Waves of Joy

Take Care of Yourself


Winter Solstice 2023

Thank You

Gateway of Orion

December 2023

Lemurian Time Capsule

New Timeline for Humanity

Claim Your Light Body

Your Merkaba of Light

November 2023

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Principles

Number 13

The Process of Separation

October 2023

Multidirectional Process

All New Information


September 2023

Acceleration of Gaia

After the Lion's Gate

Energetic Wave

Lion's Gate 2023

777 Gateway

Still Point

New Grid

777 Pulsation

Vibrational Waves

Beyond Solstice Gateway

Summer Solstice 2023

June 11, 2023

Start Blooming


The Heartbeat

Gaia Is Giving Birth In A New Reality

May 5, 2023

The Artist of Your Reality

Lemurian Gateway


Step Into the New World

Give the Best of You

5D Reflection

You Are There

Unity and Oneness

Everything Will Speed Up

Moving Into Multidimensionality

Living in Joy

February 2023

How You See Your Life

Gaia's Cleansing

Learning to Live in the Flow


New Fabric of Life

Repolarize Gaia

Living In Freedom

Ancient Energy

The Foundation