Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

May 5 2023

When you run, the first step or push takes more exertion to overcome resistance and pick up speed. This is what was happening before May 5, 2023. You were passing through the energy that was showing some kind of resistance to your movement. Now after May 5th, you are moving into free gliding or free movement. You have already gained the acceleration needed for movement. Now you are not losing speed or energy to be on the move and achieve the goal in front of you.

Initially, there were so many questions and many challenges. First, what is the direction to go because there were so many misleading trajectories for humanity that were given to you in hope that you would not find the right one, that you would not ascend.

Your vibration finally brought you to the right path. There was a period when you were preparing for movement. You were accumulating the knowledge, connecting with the right people, making the time and space for your work and balancing it with your 3D life. It was like a prep period. Once you got everything you needed and chose the direction, you started to move. Because your inertia was very high, the movement started slowly.

I told you just paddle, just paddle and you will get there. You didn't see things happen as fast as you expected. It was the moment when you were going with your faith, through your faith in the right direction, just believing that it will happen that you will get there. Then you started to gain speed. We were accelerating in ascension with the use of my tools which started to work for you efficiently. Many people followed because it was easier now as a group. As a result, it was much easier for the individual.

Now each of you is in the this accelerated free flight. You just need to continue. You have to keep the focus. You have to understand that you have to keep going.

When the rocket is starting to launch from the earth, there are a few steps that are helping it pass through the atmosphere. When this phase is complete it is discharged from the rocket and another step pulls the rocket forward. It is time for you to get rid of the heaviness that you don't need to carry anymore. This heaviness is the work with your body because you need to lighten up. You need to lose the weight, to replace the energies in your body with the ones that will carry you forward.

Next, you must clean out your emotions. The amplitude of your emotions can be very low. They are like suppressed emotions. They have to be very close to the still point. This is the place where you are fully present in the now and your mind is completely at peace. Of course, as humans, you experience sadness, anger, happiness etc. In the past your emotions have been like a roller coaster going up and down.

Now, you are learning to be in your still point. You can still experience emotion but not spend energy on this. This is what I want you to understand. We are learning to feel something without allowing this feeling to take over. This energy is needed for ascension for your soul to work in multidimensionality and to learn how to live there. For further support I recommend my video Connect to your Still Point. Click here for details.

In addition, your thoughts are important, because what ever you are thinking you are manifesting. Of course, your activities, what ever you do, that is where the vibrations are coming from and into your body, into your field. When you have balanced all your lower bodies and then your physical, mental, etherical, casual bodies then you start moving very slowly, very gradually into this ascension process, at the same time accumulating the energy that is pushing you forward.

Hugs and love to all of you,