Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

April 2024

In April, you are growing the roots of your flora. Everything is ready for you, the soil, the sun, the light and the air. You are accumulating this energy in your body, accumulating the tools that you already know how to use and you are building the groups in which you will be working. By creating the connections among you, your groups, masters and guides, you are on your Path. You are on your way. You are moving ahead.

I am giving you an example of a fairytale. You are preparing to travel. In the old fairytale, you take a little bit of water in a flask. You take some bread and some salt, put it in a piece of fabric, and put the fabric on a stick. You have your own bowl and you start walking. The fairy tale is teaching you very simple things. These are the only things that you need on your Path. In addition to yourselves and everything else who you will be seeing and meeting, you will also meet some fairytale characters with whom you will be interacting. These characters will be teaching you some wisdom or giving you some lessons. The old technical world is not in your fabric bowl, it is behind you. You are going on this pathway in natural clothes with an open heart and open eyes and with a song. You are on the road, walking and singing. The birds are also singing and the animals are meeting and greeting you. Embrace this very simple and profound picture of joy and happiness.

Hugs and love to all of you,