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How You See Your Life

In the old movie theatre, there were two reels and there was a film in between each reel. This old linear stream of your life when one image was projected on a screen is all changing. Now you are in a situation where there are multiple reels of film. Every moment you can show a different image on the screen because now you are in different lifetimes in multidimensionality.

Your perception of how you consciously perceive your life is changing. It is not an easy shift. Old habits are like trying to hold on to single reel images. Instead of imagining these linear lines of films, start seeing, feeling, expecting, or receiving that life is much more like a space of probability, or a space of potential events that can happen to you.

What I am trying to explain to you is that even though your vibrations are very, very high and you are doing your best to be as multidimensional as possible, your concentration is holding to this old movie theatre picture. I am helping you to unglue yourselves from this space and allow yourselves to see your life as an energetic field or a quantum field. Understand that all these events can happen simultaneously in different times and spaces, in different galaxies etc too.

Your intention is the focus that you can use directing it through this energetic field. Your intention will be attracting or forming the space around what you desire to happen in reality or 3D. This is a very different picture of how your life will be happening or projecting in multidimensionality without holding onto single reel images.

Hugs and love to all of you,