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Sirius Gateway

July 4-7 2024 is a Sirius Gateway. During this gateway, you will be purifying your quantum field memory of your DNA. Everything that doesn't serve you anymore which was necessary for your survival in the old energies will be cleansed, purified, released and or replaced by the new energy that will be coming from Gaia's akashic records in tune with your individual records.

The dolphins and whales are record keepers of the ocean bedside and they are working with the libraries in the ocean bed. During this period of time, there will be very active work on all the libraries and akashic record keepers. Whales and dolphins will be very actively helping you, supporting you, doing attunements especially to those individuals who are directly connected with them working telepathically or in groups with the dolphin and whale energies. These groups are working specifically cleansing, purifying and adjusting the vibrations of the akashic record library.

Where ever you have water around you, on your property or if you can get to the water, try to spend more time on the water or in the water during this period because all this information and shifts will be much easier to pass through if your body is surrounded by water or if your feet are in the water or if you are near the water, you can communicate quantumly with the whole body of water.

If you are in the forest, near mountains that have morning dew you can work with the dew. If you are near mountains with ice you can work with the ice crystals connecting to them or you can use the mountain creeks, streams or lakes. Any kind of representation of water on Gaia will work because water is connected everywhere. Whenever you can get hold of drops of water, basins of water or flows of water you will be supported in your quantum shift of your DNA akashic records.

The space you are occupying is about expanding your presence. Think of water. It takes up all the space. It can be in a bowl, in a glass in nature it can be running or flowing. This is about the flexibility of your space, the flow of your energy and at the same time occupying all the space that you need for being comfortable and productive. This is about the quantum field. Your quantum field should be comfortably positioned. Don't forget that it exists from every side: up, down, right and left and front, back. Make this space just for you. Try to allow yourself to be by yourself without the presence of other human beings. Contact the space with nature, water, air and sun so that the other media, elements, animals and kingdoms can be apart of your presence. You can start noticing this energetic presence in your quantum field.

Allow yourself to fly in your imagination, in your spiritual bodies. Allow yourself to release gravity, be in other dimensions, fly to the spot that you need to be. Realize yourself in flight.

Hugs and love to all of you,