Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

3D Separation

Your work, your efforts, the new energies that are coming right now and your ability to absorb this energy has brought it into your world at a quantum leap from the previous timeline. It was not gradual growth; it was a physical a leap! The energy for this acceleration which you accumulated and created through your energetic work and through your conscious understanding of this work is the help you can bring to yourselves and to Gaia through this work.

This was not expected. It is a new achievement because there was hope but no one said that your work was enough to achieve it, but you did anyway. It is an absolutely great feeling and you will continue to feel the victory of that by the acceleration that will move you even further. When you acknowledge your achievements, you bring more joy and more energy to your ascension and you attract more forces and more supporting groups to you.

Watch your children, watch the children around you because a lot of what is changing is coming through them and is provided by them. They are closer to where you are going because they just came back from there. They keep this energetic signature, this energetic reflection in their Auric Field. By watching them, by being with them, by spending time enjoying their presence wherever and whenever, you actually achieve the results that you want much easier. You are welcoming a new generation. At the same time, you are seeing yourself in this new generation because some of you will be returning to the Earth plane to continue this work. It is interesting how you can see this work through the children. Perceive, prepare for the future.

One thing that you see by working with kids is that they don't have barriers on their hearts and spiritual work. The hardest thing for you in the past was to overcome, or get out of this limited space. Your system of beliefs and society’s system of values was forced upon you. You can learn from the children to expand yourself into the whole universe and to be this universal presence at this particular moment in this particular time and space. This is such a harmonic, new and unique feeling of being. You can bring this back into your life. You can start living like that again because that is what you are here for. That is what you want. You have the full right to do that and be like that despite what is happening on the perimeters and in the 3D world of lower vibration. This inner child in you is even more harmonious and more beautiful. It will help you pass through this period of time allowing you to be all the time on the top of this joyful, beautiful relationship with the whole universe rather than to be tied only to the experiences of the 3D world.

You are moving forward on a very high level of vibration and because of this, the lower vibrations are like moving backwards. They are falling farther and farther behind. The separation from this lower vibration is happening very fast now. The higher the speed of your momentum and the higher the level of vibration you have, the faster this separation will be happening.

Hugs and love to all of you,