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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions Gma receives.

Q. Do you offer assistance for those who purchase your tools including videos, audio, apps etc?

A. Yes I offer a free check in service to help you work effectively with my tools. Click here to go to the "Check In With Gma" page.

Q. What is a negative entity?

A. A negative entity is dark energy in non-physical form. It will be the most intelligently cunning parasite that you have ever had. It remains invisible to you typically and manipulates you in ways you are oblivious to.  

It feeds off your energy field and has the ability to put thoughts in your head that are not your own. It prefers a diet of the more negative emotions from frustration all the way down to depression. This can cause you to feel, tired, agitated, frustrated and even make comments and act in ways that are out of character for you.  Click here to learn more about how a negative entity affects you.

Q. How can a negative entity enter my Aura, "Auric Field"?

A. A negative entity can enter your Auric Field if you have a hole or a tear in your Auric Field.  Click here to learn what causes the Aura, "Auric Field" to be compromised.

A. How can I protect myself and my aura?

Q. Click here to learn how to protect your aura.

Q. Need assistance downloading an audio, video?

A. Gma's audios and videos come in zip format. Click here to download instructions.

Q. I'm being charged Arizona taxes but I do not live in Arizona.

A. Be sure to include your billing address when making your purchase.

Q. Why Does Grandma Chandra use fractal images in her videos?

A. The fractal images go thru your Aura. Since you are composed of light, fractals enter your light field aka your Aura and can heal you on the cellular level. Working on this level of consciousness has a more permanent effect than addressing symptoms on a physical level.

Q. Is it okay to watch more than one fractal video a day.

A. Yes, you can watch multiple videos each day.  I do not recommend watching more than 3 videos consecutively without taking a couple hours break before watching more. This will give you time to integrate the codes and frequencies from each video.

Q. I completed the 11 repetitions of a fractal video, is it necessary to check in with Gma?

A. You should check in with Gma on all videos except Virtual Vitamins, Virtual Mineral and Virtual Protein. Play these videos 1x/day everyday in order to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and protein.  For all other videos the recommendation of 11 repetitions is just a guideline.  By using the check in email you give Gma the opportunity to be your guide to ensure you complete the number of repetitions necessary to clear the issues you are working on.  By continually using the check in email Gma can help to fast track your ascension process. 

Q. I purchased Gma's Green Healing Laser but did not receive a copy of the instructional guide.

A. You should receive a card with the green laser that contains a download link for the instructional guide.  Click here for Gma's green laser instructional guide.

Q. Where do I find your Forgiveness Meditation?

A. Click here to download Gma's Forgiveness Meditation.

Gma's Apps

Q. How do I turn up the volume?  I cannot hear the audios playing.

A. It may be your overall phone volume is turned down or completely muted OR
Controllers within the app could be turned to settings that lower or mute the sound too. For this please consider the following:

1. Check that the speaker icon for the menu option you are wanting to listen to, has not accidentally been muted (you will see the diagonal crossed line through the speaker icon if it has).

2. Another possibility is that the dot (controller) along the slider bar just above the speaker icon has not been moved all the way to the left. Either of these control changes would result in silencing your sound too. Do know that the full energetic benefits are still in effect whether the sound is audible or not.

3. Make sure that you are in a “play” mode – which will show as the controller is two vertical parallel lines, rather than the white arrowhead.

Q. How do I prevent my iphone screen from timing out while the app is playing?

A. Change the time duration before the screen will lock within the Settings under the Touch ID & Passcode options. The duration can be set to different intervals that range from immediate to as long as 4 hours between requiring the passcode be re-entered. If you set a 15 minute time interval, and then play each of the last three menu items in order (one time through), you should be able to complete this before your iPhone screen would relock on you.

Q. How do I prevent my android screen from timing out while the app is playing?

A. Within the Settings under Display, Sleep you can change the time it takes for the screen to go to time out.  If you set the timer to 10 minutes you will be able to play the entire app before the screen times out.