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Dance of Hearts

There are flowers blooming everywhere. Everything is blooming. Everything is covered with flowers and whatever dirt or fertilizer that was lacking in energy is all covered in fresh grass and flowers.

The old energy now is the soil for the new life. A lot of inventions that were hidden are coming to light and to life. Humanity is getting back the sources that you were disconnected from, hidden from you especially the uses of water, water machines, water engines, water purification, everything about water and purity is coming to the surface right now.

People in the medical field who still have a connection to God/Creator/Source are stepping up. They will start talking about the inventions that were used against humanity instead of healing and recovery. These inventions can now be used to heal, restore and balance rather than destroy. The medical profession is at a choice point. Many will be expanding, choosing to do something different rather than die off.

This is the dance of hearts. Hearts are hugging each other and dancing all together and creating a new network. This is the network of heart connection, creating a heart connected new grid. This heart connection is growing as more and more hearts are joining, and this grid is becoming stronger and stronger covering the whole planet.

Hugs and love to all of you,