Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

777 Gateway

Since the 777 Gateway July 27, 2023, the crystals of water that are now flowing around Gaia in the clouds are especially charged by the sun's energy. This energy will be passed to humanity in different forms. In the form of water first and then in the form of more absorbable light and energy. All this has been done to prepare you to move forward into the Lions' Gate, August 8, 2023. The Lions' Gate energy is very high and very intense. If you are not ready, it may be too high for you to adjust. In these coming weeks, you will be preparing your bodies, especially your physical body for the new energies that you will receive during the Lions' Gate.

Your physical bodies are changing. As you know, you need to drink more water, be more active and eat healthy. You are absorbing more energy from outer space and have different processes of absorbing this energy. For some people, it is less sleep, for others it is more sleep or more naps. What you are actually learning to do with your 3D bodies is to adjust for more and more rising energies so your body will be able to carry the load of new Gaia's energy and the new energy of the universe, the central sun and your sun that are coming your way.

As you slowly step into the fall season, all unnecessary energy loops and work that your energetic body is carrying will be released and leave your body as the autumn leaves fall from the trees. You will expel from your energetic bodies everything that is marked as unneeded or not serving you anymore. It is waiting for the proper time to naturally be extracted from your bodies to be left behind.

Your chakras are becoming bigger and bigger and therefore there is an overlapping of your chakra fields. Every chakra field and its colors are expanding. As a result, your chakras are overlapping. In the past, they were just little circles. Now they have become bigger and bigger, vortex size. They start covering more quantum space in your body. In the overlapping of this Quantum Field, a new quantum characteristic has started to appear. The chakras used to work independently. Now it is a combination of chakras that is present in your energetic body. How is this possible? You are creating unique Quantum Spaces that are more tuned to the Quantum Energies of the central sun and your sun coming your way because they have a much bigger characteristic spectrum rather than only one chakra or two chakras combined. This will be the work that will be happening during the Lion’s Gate.

Hugs and love to all of you,