Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Lion's Gate 2023

You are ready to communicate in Light Language. You are ready to receive Light Language messages and ready to send these messages. Your communication means and tools are switching to Light Language through the energy flows. The children that are coming to Gaia already have these tools embedded in their Light Body. They are already using these communication tools. You can communicate with infants and little children by intention. They will guide you through the use of these tools. Some of your Star Family members are already sending their messages to you through Light Language.

It is all about allowing yourselves to do this because there are no restrictions or obstacles except for your consciousness telling you that you cannot do it or you are not equipped enough to utilize it. This is not the case anymore.

You can intentionally communicate with each other, with me, with Ascended Masters and with whichever star families you are linked to. We can receive directly without any decoding, without any translation or any other tools that were needed in the past such as a specialized recipient who was trained in the understanding of light language.

After the Lion's Gate on August 8, 2023, the New Grid will be fully activated. The grid holders will be connected to the new grid but will no longer need to support it. All of Gaia's multidimensional presence is now activated. Gaia is totally in 5D now.

The magnetic lines and quantum fields around Gaia are tuned. The magnetic lines are charged with the sun and central sun. The preparation in all fields is coming to an end. After the Lion's Gate, you will have the whole picture of the new composition of the quantum and magnetic fields of Gaia in total balance with the central sun and the sun. Everything is ready for the human ascension into 5D.

The dragon family is actively working on this, and I am one of the dragons in the dragon family. They are balancing the air, water, soil, metals and crystals in the right frequencies. In other words, adjustment and tuning is going through all the layers coming from the higher vibrational level to the layer of vibration of Gaia.

The eternity symbol is multidimensional. All the energetic practices, that you had in the old school will be changed and need to be attuned to the new energies. To the practitioners of the old school make sure you upgrade your systems to the new vibrations.

Everyone who has chosen to be in Light, now have an attunement of the pineal gland that will happen during the Lion's Gate that will connect your energetic and quantum fields to the new grid and will allow your support group and star family to connect to you through Light Language. You will be able to receive it and get the messages directly. This will be happening because your connectivity to the new universe and 5D Gaia will be in place for you to do so.

Everyone will be seeing more and more the presence of the other realms of angels, dragons, animals, fairies etc. Whatever kingdoms you are working with, you will be seeing more and more of their presence because the vibrational reality is much closer to the magic kingdoms. They can easily start showing up to work with you especially because human nature is getting out of fear-based nature, and as a result your vibrations are much more in alignment with the vibrations of the magic kingdoms. You are not sharing the magic beings by your Merkabah and auras. Your presence is becoming more and more natural and joyful for the other kingdoms that are existing on Gaia right now.

Look at the sky and expect the magical beings to show up. As soon as you welcome them, they will have more opportunity to be present and to start working with you.

As you move to the end of summer and get into lower temperatures, nature around you will be slowly accumulating the energies in the fruits and vegetables. Preserving or eating this product of new life will help your bodies to keep the energy of these new flows in your body for fall and winter. Eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, preserve naturally. Make your own preserved foods for fall and winter. Save the sacred energies in any form or shape that is known to you so you will have highly energized food.

There will be a lot of air flows that will be moving around Gaia to balance the energy on the surface. Expect pretty strong winds that will be caused by this energetic movement. Instead of being afraid or concerned, welcome and celebrate them because this air is bringing you new life, this water is bringing you new life. This life coming to you creating new life is bringing humanity and Gaia to a new heaven on earth.

The forest life is coming back. The forest is getting its magical life back. The tree foliage, the fairy kingdom and animal kingdom are restoring the forest landscape, an energetic landscape that will be helping humanity to survive and bring the fullest produce of berries and mushrooms. These kingdoms are also restoring the connection to waters like and the natural springs, rivers and lakes which were interrupted by humans.

Hugs and love to all of you,