Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Energetic Wave

While you are in the Lion's Gate, the energy will amplify. The top of the energetic wave will be precisely on the 11th of August. The most intense energy will be coming to and going through you. Condensed information will be coming through this gate. Support will be needed from your star families, support groups and kingdoms which you will be working with to pass through this period with efficiency, grace and the highest utilization and absorption of these energies. You will be able to transmit these energies into your activities of building the new Gaia life, building the unity and the new community on Gaia. This maybe the peak of the days of special insights, of special enlightenment.

Take notes. Recognize what you see or what you feel. Share with others, listen to others to understand what they learned. That will be the very high point of the exchange. The information will be given to many of you. Total information can only be received when you exchange and share it.

The time capsules are opening now and the knowledge that was specially stored for humanity is now coming through Gaia and from Gaia to the new support grid. This information will be by your choice and your request delivered to you. Whatever you ask for will be granted through the new understanding, the new knowledge, and the new experience.

This is like waterfalls falling from different directions. This is multidimensionality for you because all the messages, all the transcripts of new knowledge are coming to you through different sources, from different dimensions, through different channels. However, altogether they are flowing into the consciousness of humanity. That is why the picture I am showing you is like multiple waterfalls coming from different angles with different water characteristics. They are filling the basins of human consciousness, the basins of your knowledge and understanding giving us all the necessary concepts and all the necessary meanings of what your life is coming to and what your new life is. Everything that is not streaming this kind of purity is being wiped off the united human consciousness, out of your mental field, out of your Merkabah and out of all your energetic space.

Hugs and love to all of you,