Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

All New Information

All of you who are working multidimensionally are bringing into your lives including your 3D life, new energies, new ideas, new relationships, new structures for society and new styles of living. You are actually downloading through yourselves into Gaia's New Grid all new information.

In the past, someone got an idea and would announce it by writing a book or making a movie. What is happening now, even though you are bringing the idea, concept, or creation through, you are not necessarily the ones who will be developing it. Your mission now is to transmit and download as much as possible of what is coming through you. Others can receive it from you or from the knowledge base, which is the New Grid, and start working with it.

You are now a receiver and a transmitter. You are no longer a receiver and a doer. Being a receiver and a doer is the old way. Being a receiver and transmitter and allowing others to implement it or to pass it to somebody else is what is currently happening.

The higher you stand in your vibration, the higher the vibrational concepts, ideas and images you can receive and interpret. You pass it through all the levels and in 3D matter are people who can implement it. They don't have to be necessarily at the same vibrational level as you are.

You interpret this information for those who don't have access to the Grid. However, they can still get this information at their own level. In other words, you separate the levels of this information and everybody who can get it on the lower level are receiving it directly from you, working at their highest potential. Altogether, you will build this new Gaia and these new activities for everybody who is choosing to go this way.

Hugs and love to all of you,