Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


You are moving into 2023 which is a number 7. Seven is the harmonic chord for the Universe. This is a year of balancing everything, including the flow transitions of half tones of the Light.

This year will reveal the New Blueprint for life on Gaia. That will start sparking the vortices of energies that will be sent out, like radar for humanity to support all the new energy and new life on Gaia, including the newly installed grids that will become available to humanity. Simultaneously, this radar will be tuning, and sending the vibrations that will be necessary to support this new life on Gaia.

The Starseeds currently on Gaia will be stepping forward creating their own groups or their own families that will be more vocal and recognizable. They will expand their influence with people who are connected with them on Gaia or people who are listening and transmitting this information to the other levels of life and society.

Picture this like an opening of a flower, the buds are already there. The petals will be opening and the new information, the new vibrations will be coming through and spread by those whose genetic codes or soul agreements are connected to this work. The Star Families or Flower Families will overlap each other because as you know, they are all working together. In these overlapping areas, they will be creating new energetic spaces allowing people to come up with new ideas, technologies, thoughts, art and everything that is needed right now on Gaia and everything that has been suppressed but now will come through this interaction.

Picture a tree growing. It has many branches. The first branches grow, set up and establish themselves. Then they allow the 2nd row of branches to grow. Every layer of life, every layer of society will have this presence of new fields and of new energy that will be interacting in people’s hearts and heads so that the new inventions, the understanding of the new life, relationships and community work will be coming through more and more and will be accepted, claimed and asked for. When people start asking for this new life pattern, they will be coming to Gaia faster and faster.

There will be more chakras opening in the human body, not only the main ones and not only the higher ones but also all other chakras located in the secondary energetic lines and in your arms, hands, legs and toes. These secondary lines will be very valuable because they will allow your new quantum sensors to unfold and be present. You were living for a very long time with limited vision and only the main factors for survival. Now that your survival questions are resolved, you will start looking into sharper ways of perceiving the reality existing around you.

Your Merkabah will have quantum energetic sensors that will be all around your field. Your perception of life and information about life will be received not from the tactical touch through your hands, feet, or skin, but by these sensors at the very edge of your quantum field. This will immediately inform you about everything that is happening around you in the quantum fields and on the energetic level, much faster and much better than the 3D sensors of touch or feel.

Now you are able to work with geometric shapes, utilizing these shapes in your Merkabah. By projecting these different shapes into your quantum field, you will be able to use these tools for different activities, like working with the pyramids, the stars, cubes, all the shapes that I have shared with you because all of them are already present in your quantum field. Work with the shapes by focusing your attention on the tasks you wish to perform.

Hugs and love to all of you,