Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Gma's Team

Terri Gibbons

Terri worked for over 25 years as a secondary school teacher and fitness specialist.  She has competed and coached in the sport of water skiing and x-country skiing.  She has also sold digital and physical products online.

In her desire for spiritual growth Terri met Grandma Chandra. Terri’s love of the technical aspects of web design and passion for helping others lead her to become a virtual assistant for Gma. She also assists Gma to create tools and resources to facilitate Light Workers on their path to Ascension.

Terri is a committed student who works daily with Gma's tools and her spiritual growth has flourished as a result of their relationship.

Irina Thorton

Irina is a Akashic Records Consultant (ARCI) and a Reiki Grand Master. She is also the coordinator of a Dragon group.

Irina met Grandma Chandra 8 years ago when Cat ask her to do an Akashic Records reading for her and Chandra.

When Irina was visiting friends in Bisbee, Cat and Gma came for dinner. This was the first time Irina met Gma in person and Gma worked on her. Irina didn't think she was telepathic with Gma but Chandra knew better. Since then Irina has been assisting Gma and Terri with the creation of tools and resources to facilitate Light Workers on their Ascension path.

Barbara Nill

Barbara manages a small office as her day job, working with non-verbal autistic people. For fun, she spends as much of her time outside, close to the earth. Barbara first met Gma at a 2013 Star Knowledge conference in Palm Springs, CA. She subsequently spent a week with Gma supporting Gma and Cat prepare for a physical move. That week was one of the most important learning experiences in Barbara's life, leading to her current work. Barbara loves Gma's creativity, deep understanding, heart, humor and how she brings her work forward in the world and is honored to be part of her team.

Barbara ships Sacred Geometric forms and green lasers.

Lisa Graham

Lisa is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner. Over the last 35 years she has been certified in Holotropic Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique, Healing Touch, is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Holy Fire III Practitioner, and a Certified Psychic Development teacher. She also does Earth Grid/Portal Energy work.

I first met Grandma Chandra in 2008, when I was reading the book “The Children of Now.” The author had interviewed Gma. Gma’s website was listed, so I looked it up and within two weeks, I was at her house in Arizona, having sessions with her.

Grandma Chandra continues to help guide me to a stronger alignment with my Divine I AM and remembering that I am a multidimensional being.

Lisa ships oils.