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Gma's Team

Meet Gma's team also known as Golden Pod International.  Terri and Joyce have joined forces with Grandma Chandra to create tools and resources to facilitate Light Workers on their path to Ascension

Terri Gibbons

For the last 25 years Terri has worked as a secondary school teacher and fitness specialist.  She has also competed and coached in the sport of water skiing and x-country skiing.  Recently she has pursued her dream of selling digital and physical products online.

In her desire for spiritual growth Terri met Cat and Grandma Chandra. Terri’s love of the technical aspects of web design and passion for helping others lead her to become a virtual assistant for Grandma Chandra. Terri’s spiritual growth has flourished as a result of their relationship.

Being a Pisces Terri has always loved the water. She learned to swim at a very young age. Although she didn’t get to see them until later in life, Terri has always been passionate about dolphins and whales. In 2000 she went on her first whale watching tour in Maui Hawaii. It was breath taking! Swimming in the warm ocean water of Hawaii, she felt like a baby back in the womb.

Terri is honored to be a member of the Golden Pod International and is excited about bringing the messages of the whales and dolphins to others.

Joyce Dickerman

Joyce has for the last 22 years been working with global publishers, traveling to 100’s of University campuses assisting faculty to implement learning & teaching technologies to the most impactful and empowering effect.

As a lifelong learner and avid student of over 12 spiritual and world religions teachings & practices, she continually seeks to understand the larger truth. Most recently Joyce has found excellent channeled information, and embodied masters including some Cetaceans and their pioneering human friends. Currently these provide the richest source of encouraging greater telepathic and groks of blocks of insight into – not only our 3-D world but the 4-D, 5-D and beyond multi-dimensions in this exciting, emerging time of planetary expansion.

It is with great appreciation Joyce is excited to be working with Grandmother Chandra and her other Golden Podmate. In the last several years, Grandmother Chandra has facilitated our group to develop the Sacred Geometric objects, apps, e-books and other newly emerging technologies to facilitate humanity’s healing and ascension as we all unify our multidimensional Selves with our incarnate selves.