Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Thank you

I am saying congratulations to those who started to work, trusted themselves and the path that I am guiding you through, you have achieved a fantastic breakthrough. When you first started working with me you may remember I said that you just needed to keep paddling through the earth. Just keep going, keep paddling, keep rowing you will find the water. You are there now. You are not only in the water, in the space, you are in the Light.

It is just amazing! If you compare the level that you were at during the beginning of this year and the height, speed and frequencies at which you are working now, it is an absolutely different reality. The work you are doing, the groups you are in now and the results you are experiencing are very different today.

I am saying thank you to all of you and I gratefully receive your thanks back. It is a moment of celebration, a moment of joy because you have to recognize where you are and acknowledge that. You have to count your blessings to be blessed and to send the blessings to others. You wouldn't be able to do this alone. Each of us alone would not be here at this level, working in unity as humanity, working altogether as a group. With my guidance, you have now arrived at this place where you are at presently.

Through this message you can feel the love from my heart. You can receive this love and send it to everybody who is a part of this group. It is like a totally new stream of unconditional love for all of you being together and at the same time being individuals and also being one. This is the highest vibration you can create as a group by sharing this experience of love and receiving it from each other at the same time.

Hugs and love to all of you,