Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


The Golden Pod has released 2 apps that harness the magnetic energies of sacred geometry and Grandma Chandra's multidimensional motherhood to assist you in your ascension process.

Ascension Assist

Clearing Your Auric Field and Maximizing Your Brain Power

Our first app helps you harness the magnetic energies of sacred geometry and the capable consciousness of Grandma Chandra’s 12th dimensional masterhood. Sacred geometry magnetic energies are invaluable in that they will assist you in attracting more light to you as energy and information. Each interaction with this app dynamically adapts to where you currently are on your ascension path, helping you to remove negative energies, focus your mind to make clearer decisions and expand your brain usage.

Each time you play the app, your etheric and physical bodies and brain are activated and layer by layer obstacles are removed as you align your intention to be assisted in this way.

This app allows you to better know your life’s purpose, your higher source support team (including masters, teachers & guides) and accelerate your ascension.  Click here to learn more about Gma's Ascension Assist App.

Ascension Rising

Expand Your Telepathic Bridges

Our 2nd app is designed to assist you in harnessing the magnetic energies of the sacred geometries within the Octuple Dorje.

Grandma Chandra’s 33rd Dimensional Masterhood will boost your ascension interconnections into the Quantum Light Field.

The term Dorje derives from the Sanskrit meaning both thunderbolt and diamond.  Click here to learn more about Gma's Ascension Rising App.