Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Main Vector

The main vector that is working with you is your soul plan or purpose. This is why you are here and why you are doing what you are doing and going where you are going. Especially now that you are in the month of January, the beginning of everything and especially because in this month you are opening your physical plan of being to be connected to your soul plan. This vector starts to play a significant role because through your physical being and physical decision making, you are directing your quantum expansion according to your soul plan. In other words what ever was not correlated or aligned with this vector will not be supported by your own DNA and will be slowly left behind in your movement and expansion. If you look at a plant, the stem is going forward but the leaves that the plant doesn't need anymore are left behind. The growth of the plant is going forward toward the sun, the direction of God's energy to receive the most guidance, the most energetic support from the stars, sun and universe that is working on this plant’s growth.

Every part of your DNA is aware of this plan. Every part of your DNA exists to put this plan into life. It is vibrating to bring this vibrating level of DNA strings and of the whole quantum field that is created by trillions of DNA to work together with your support group, star family, Gaia, the sun, the central sun, all the kingdoms. They are all working together to form or shape your direction to align in the best and efficient way with God's plan. You need to be in God's creative picture of your quantum reality. You need to put the effort into bringing your being at every moment to the highest potential. Think of each of you like a beam directed to your soul ‘s goal. The higher each of you is going, the higher vibrations each of you is carrying, is an actual help to each other and everybody else in this movement. The higher each individual keeps his or her vibration, the easier it is for the others to create the fabric of this high vibrational reality. That is why this word “fabric” is the perfect word because you are all connecting, and at the same time, you are all connected like the threads of a piece of fabric. By this energetic thread coming through each one of you, you are creating the fabric of this reality in quantum existence.

Hugs and love to all of you,