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How to Spin

Spinning acts against gravity and slows down the physical aging process. 

STEP ONE: If you are above the equator, spin clockwise. This means that if you were to stand before a table and place a clock in front of you, the closest number to your body would be 6:00 o’clock. The number directly above would be 12:00 o’clock, on your right 3:00 o’clock and on your left 9:00 o’clock. To spin your body clockwise, you would move from 12 to 3 to 6 to 9 back to 12 o’clock. E.g.: The United States and Europe are above the equator.

If you are below the equator, spin counter clockwise. With the clock on the table and you standing over it in the same position as above, you would move your body from 12, to 9, to 6 to 3 and back to 12 o’clock. E.g.: Australia, South America and Africa are below the equator.

STEP TWO: Bring your right arm straight out in front of you with your thumb pointing to the sky for a clockwise spin. For a counter clockwise spin use your left arm and thumb in the same position. Look around for something to use as a counting point e.g. a picture, mirror or chair inside or a tree, bush, mountain or beach outside. Every time you complete one full circle and you see the tree or picture etc you will mentally count “one”, “two” and so on.

STEP THREE: Start slowly and you will eventually pick up speed. It is recommended that people start with 33 revolutions and eventually work up to 66 and then 111 times per day. However, time has sped up and we are now accelerating on all levels so Grandma says we must do 111 revolutions per day.

STEP FOUR: THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to stop spinning without injuring self or others. After you finish 111 revolutions, press the palms of your hands together (prayer position) as hard as you can while keeping your feet shoulder width apart and breathing deeply. DO NOT break this position until the room or the outside environment has COMPLETELY stopped revolving. Grandma says that the pressure on your palms sends messages up your arms and shoulders into your neck and head to the cranial nerves telling the nerves to restore your equilibrium.

Click here to download the spinning instructions.