Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Your Merkaba of Light

When you were separated, isolated, you didn't have enough strength and force to rise. Now each of you is rising and coming to unity. You are aware of your power, strength and unity. You are constantly moving forward towards your total presence, your total existence, your fulness in your gifts, your potential and your talents without being separate, or isolated. You are being fed by God's love and God's presence. There are no restrictions as to where you can be because now you can be everywhere in Oneness. You can appear in every multidimensional space when you want to and also when you want to create. This is all coming together now.

Your strength is coming from within. You don't need to borrow, steal or coerce somebody to get your strength. You are moving in an absolutely different style of relationship when you express yourself and this self expression is beneficial for everybody. This is coming from God's energy of love and compassion. This is coming out of your hearts. Everything around you is being created out of this love. There is no more room for any low-level feelings or emotions because they simply will not be present in the world that you are creating. These feelings and emotions simply will not pass through because whatever is created is being created at a much higher vibration than anything that has ever been created.

Because of your knowing and your feeling of abundance, whatever is needed for your creativity, self representation and self realization will be created for you from within through your mutual efforts. The whole picture of your new life, of your new being and of your new life on Gaia is now being created.

It may feel or sound like science fiction, but it is not. It is science in reality or scientific reality.

Draw yourself up. Allow yourself to dream about everything that you have never dreamt before or anything that you didn't allow yourself to dream before. This kind of creative force of your visualization of your creativity will be working for you. It is all inside of you. It is all here. You just need to be brave enough to use it with your intention. Expand your heart as wide as you can to reach it. Bring your presence. Bring your light. Bring your emotions and thoughts to this level.

The changes will be happening very fast even though you may not notice them immediately. Your way of seeing everything around you is still the old way of seeing things. Until you get the hang of this new way of feeling and seeing things, it may seem that not much is happening. As soon as you get your visual confirmation much higher and your multidimensional senses activated, you will immediately start noticing the big changes around you.

Each of us is like a Merkaba of Light. This Light is increasing and becoming intensified. With this Light, you can lighten up the whole space to create life as you desire.

Hugs and love to all of you,