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All of Grandma’s oils are exceedingly pure and so powerful as to make changes at the cellular level. The oils are prepared by the Sufi Masters of Afghanistan who now live in North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, the Near East and the Mid-East, by cold rolling, using their own plants and herbs. During preparation, the oils are subject to the very high vibrational rates of many ancient Qurans, holy texts, prayers and chants for the highest good of every living being on the planet. (Please consider time and Customs checks that affect delivery.)

Then Grandma further raises their vibration by energizing them with her 12th dimensional energies so she can assist you in reconstructing your true Whole Self that has been taken from you either willingly or unwillingly by planetary electromagnetic manipulation. Free yourself from this distortion when you use any of Grandma’s recommended oils.

Gma’s High Vibrational Essential Oils open up new pathways in the brain through the olfactory system that affects the amygdala. This allows us to create new DNA strands restoring the blueprint of our Whole Selves. It has an effect on the vibrational rate of the cells within the body. The faster the vibrational rate the quicker we manifest on all levels.

Grandma makes up each oil individually for each person, this is why we only ship twice a month. Then Gma changes it according to the Vibrational rate of the buyer as they use it. It is constantly and continually being adjusted.

Click the name below in blue to access each category of oils.

Light Body Activation Oils

Grandma designed these oils to activate our Light Bodies for preparation for Ascension, each one having its own vibration and action. These oils carry the highest vibration topped only by the Master 11. All of Gma’s oils are from the same source. 

Master 11 Essential Oil

This oil as well as all of Grandma’s oils are exceedingly pure and so powerful as to make changes at the cellular level. 

Soul Healing Oils

The Sufi Masters believe that true healing comes from first healing the emotions and then the physical healing will follow. Grandma created her Soul Healing Oils blending their wisdom with hers. 

Higher Chakra Oils

Gma has discontinued the lower Chakra Oils saying that because of the Light Codes and Frequencies that have entered the Planet, we are now working only with the Higher Chakras.

Gma Choice Oil

Not sure which oil(s) you need or which one(s) you should start with? Let Gma decide for you! Chandra will check your auric field and tell you which oil(s) would be best for you.