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Trinity Relationship

For a very long time the Holy Spirit in the Trinity was undermined. It was not given an equal or proper place in the equation. Now these dynamics are changing. I am talking about the dynamics of relationships, the dynamics of cocreation and working together. Three equal angles including Spirit are just as essential as the other two angles of a triangle. The more you bring Spirit into whatever you are doing or whatever you are planning, the more successful any transitional steps will be for you. Now you are getting into the Spirit world, the spiritual world. This is one of the three main choices that is equally managing the spiritual world.

In the past, the dark forces were trying to cut you off from this energy. To lead you into the material world of direct relationships between only two sides or the relationships of duality.

Now you are stepping into the Trinity relationship. Spirit will be an essential part of everything you are doing even in the 3D world. It will be bringing you up to the highest necessary vibrational level where all your activities will be. Reclaim your spiritual space where all your actions are happening. Bring the fabric of God's creation back into your life by bringing the Spirit's energy into your day to day presence.

This is very easy to do. Call for spiritual guidance and help before doing any activities any work. You will immediately bring yourself to this level, by bringing spiritual energy into whatever physical activity you are doing. You are calling on Spirit to be present wherever you are sending your energies and intentions. This can be any ceremonies or rituals or as simple as asking for help and guidance.

Hugs and love to all of you,