Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

December 2023

Think of a clock. It has 12 hours, and you are stepping into the 12th month. You are coming to the end of the circle for the year when all the changes already manifested themselves on a higher level. When you finish this month, they will start very clearly manifesting themselves in your reality, in your 3D, 4D, 5D life wherever you are. They will start manifesting themselves in your real world, in your real life.

With this shift, you will finally come to a state of cause rather than a state of mind where you will stop asking when. After this last hour on the clock, you will no longer ask when because you will start seeing the changes and the shift in your own life. The recent election in the Netherlands is the first domino in the domino effect. This is the first bird of spring, the first news of the crash of the old world. You will start seeing more and more in big pictures, in small pictures, in government structures, in 3 letter agencies, in your personal life, in your family life. You will start seeing it everywhere.

Your life will start shining and will bring Light and absorb more Light for yourselves and your life as well as reflecting and sharing this Light with others.

All waters and rivers are coming to the same ocean. Whatever each of you is doing in your local area, you are all bringing this energy into the Unified Ocean of Human Consciousness or Unified Quantum Field of human life on Gaia. Each little or big river is bringing consciousness higher and higher, bringing it together and enriching, fertilizing and making a difference connecting to the other characteristics and flows and the other styles and types of life. This is what you will be seeing. Every individual will be adding something to others as well as receiving from others for his or her personal growth and his or her spiritual growth. This is improving the life on Gaia, not from the old perspective of money and power but the feeling of happiness in your heart, the feeling of participation in this work. The feeling of unity and freedom to finally be together and create and achieve what you always wanted to achieve in your life.

Hugs and love to all of you,