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Balancing Masculine and Feminine Principles

This message is about balancing the masculine and feminine principles and making the correct call as to which is needed in each situation. When you need to harmonize and balance love and feelings, your work is with your feminine side. When you need to solve, resolve, make decisions, or to take a step, you need your masculine side. For many of you, this is complicated. You have a habit of doing something with one side and totally forgetting about the other. Now you are balancing the two sides and deciding which is the more appropriate side to find the best answer.

Bring in your masculine and feminine energies according to what you need to focus on. Balance these energies. When the call for a particular action, energetic, or an emotional flow is needed then either the feminine or masculine part of you can lead the show.

Rather than thinking of yourselves as a woman or a man, think of yourselves as Light Beings. This is a big change in your perception of self. The more you step into your light shoes, into the perception of your Light Body, the easier it will be for you to learn how to stay in your Light Body, then call for your best energies to be applied to a particular task no matter whether it is 3D or in multidimensionality.

It doesn't matter whether the feminine or masculine side is leading. What you are bringing as Lightworkers, as leaders is this different fabric of love and compassion. You have expressed this as motherly love or fatherly love. You can express this fabric of love through compassion and feeling or through power by calling forth, inspiring, giving a shoulder to lean on and the feeling of backup and support.

This new perception of yourself with practice will become second nature. This is what I am encouraging you to know, to be and to experience. Call it into your life, express it and practice it all the time.

Whenever you work in a group, you are bringing into the work the energetic flow of everyone participating. It is the best match for the group that we are working with. For example, a circle is divided into sections by radius. Your group is working on task after task. Regarding one task, a member can be a leader and represent the masculine energy of encouragement and forming goals and expanding the vision. When the same group is working on a second task, the same person can express the energies of compassion and cooperation. This is the feminine side.

Stop thinking of yourself as a stable, fixed shape, body or form. Think of yourself more as a flow of energy or as a beam of energy. Think of bringing to the table these different flows that mix with each other in the Quantum Fields. This is a new image of working in a group or teamwork. In your brain, when the neurons are touching each other, a spark is created as a signal. The same is happening in the Quantum Field when people in the group are in their flows. When group members touch each others’ flows, a spark arises from a particular element, particle or photon of energy. That is where this creative activity is happening.

Hugs and love to all of you,