Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Still Point

In the past, like a pendulum you had to swing backwards to be able to collect potential energy or momentum to go forward and up. Now you simply have to be in your Still Point, in your heart chakra, in your creative point to condense and collect the energy to go forward and higher. This way, you actually avoid feeding the dark forces. Previously, whatever you brought, some of this energy went back to them. As you get back to the Still Point, you are accumulating the energy from the ether surrounding you. You have finally attained the new mechanism of creating and raising your vibration from the space around you where the energy surrounds you. You are bringing in this energy to assist your creativity. This way you don't have to feel the energy from anybody or anything. You are naturally attracting the energy to yourselves like a magnetic, a meeting point.

It feels like this energy has its own will and it is willingly coming to you. Start interacting with the energy as with a living being, as with a friend, or companion. By allowing yourselves to be in Still Point you are opening the gate, or the pores of your energetic body so that the energy can flow into your body as naturally as water does. You can utilize this energy for any type of goal.

This is very new for you. It is a beautiful collaboration with the forces of energy, with the media of energy which you have never done before. You are just beginning to understand how to do it, how to attract these flows to come into you naturally from the outside world.

There is a lot of joy and love in this collaboration. The process itself will bring you so much more joy. It is so natural for you to remember how to do it, how to be a part of this universal circle of energy exchange. It is like merging with Oneness or Unity. It is the same as the water feels when drops of rain are coming to the earth, going back to the sea, and then evaporating back into the clouds. The joy is in being part of this creativity because on its journey it comes through plants, bodies and animals, so you are now part of this Universal Flow.

Hugs and love to all of you,