Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Step Into the New World

Open your chest take a full deep breath. Open your heart to the new life, the new reality, the new world. Take the first step with your intention to be in the new world and start walking, creating, visualizing, manifesting, and enjoying a new life.

Notice the changes around you because as you walk everything is changed around you at the same time. Now you are looking at everything from new horizons, through new vibrations, through new multidimensional eyes and senses and this world is your world. This world is a beautiful world to live in, to be in and to continue creating.

Raise your vibration to the highest potential every minute, every second, every day because the higher you can get the faster you will go and the faster the changes will happen around you. You will work together with Gaia to accomplish her plans of resurrection.

Don't worry about little things. They will unfold in their own places at their own time. If you have an idea start thinking globally first and then go to the details. Put the whole image into the universe so that the universe will fill it in with energy and then help you work on the details. Don't start from the tail, start from the head. Don't start from the little, tiny border parts, start from the big, energetic idea.

Feel your family around you because they are all here, to work with you, support you, inspire you and help you to manifest whatever is going to happen with you or through you according to God Creator Source's plan.

This is the time, the one you were dreaming about. This is the time we are living in now.

Hugs and love to all of you,