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Ancient Energy

The bottom of all the oceans is covered with stars. The stars are shining through the water up into the air. The peaks of the mountains and pyramids in the bottom of the ocean will be activated between November 21 and 22, 2022. The stars will send signals through the water and will work with the waters of all the oceans. An energetic current is going all over Gaia from ocean to ocean and is spreading this energy.

These are the energies of Gaia's creation, the original energies that Gaia was created with. These energies are being released and are flowing all over the deepest parts of the ocean now. They are also moving closer and closer to the surface. It is as if Gaia is waking up and opening her own resources to start participating in the work that has been blocked for millennia. The energies are flowing all over the ocean floor to initiate this activity.

It is like an opening of additional sources of energy, information, and timelines of creation. Whales and dolphins are a very active part of this. The Gaia grids are directing and guiding these flows.

The whales were the keepers of these frequencies. They have been preserving the frequencies for just this time.

There is a lot of work happening on the deepest level because whales have the ability to dive very deep. They were created like this to be able to unleash these energetic flows and start bringing them to the surface.

The frequencies are connected to the heart energy and the energy of love. The flow is connected to and is flowing out of Gaia's heart chakra. The flow is getting closer and closer to the surface. This is the work that will unite us to Gaia, and humanity will be a part of this process.

Both hemispheres of Gaia are participating to balance the flow. The flow is also balancing the hemispheres at a different level. This rotating movement will create a flow that will go upwards from the floor of the ocean to the surface being spread by the sea creatures so the land creatures can take this flow to the next level. All ocean and sea life will be participating in this process. Whales will be the ones who bring the energies out of the depths of the ocean and the other ocean creatures will be spreading the energies around on the surface.

This energy flow will awaken in your DNA, ancient original strands that were blocked for so long. These strands will start working with the flow together so that your Ascension can go forward in the same ascension timeline as Gaia.

Without all this energy coming from the bottom of the ocean and being purified while it is rising up, you wouldn't be able to get to the depth of your DNA memory or DNA stores. That is an ancient energy. Gaia as well as everyone else on Gaia was brought to life with this energy. This is the purest and most powerful force of energy that each of you have in your cells, and now it will be available for you to use increasing your ability to Ascend faster. Claim the power of working with this energy.

Hugs and love to all of you,