Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Live in the Flow

This is the final cleansing of everything that is left on the surface of the Earth. All the foam or bubbles left on the surface is being cleansed away to open a path without obstacles for humanity.

You are paving the way for humanity, brushing away all the foam connected to something that is present and occupying the space. In reality, there is nothing there, it is just emptiness. Humanity is paving its own way into the new life, into multidimensionality, into the kingdom of God. You are at the start of this road that you finally, fully claimed and prepared. Now you can see what is in front of you, where to go and how to go.

The main thing that you need to understand or realize is that you are not carrying any luggage with you. All the heaviness of the karmic lessons is resolved. So, you are not walking but flying forward! That is the main difference between this New Year and past ones. You always had to carry this heavy load of situations unfinished or unlearned from before but not anymore. You have worked on this, recognized it, released it, forgave it and are ready to go forward.

The heavy load of the past has lifted from your shoulders. You are growing your own wings in the same spot where the heavy load was holding you and pulling you down. Now you are growing the wings that are carrying you up. These wings are the energies that you are working with, like your support groups, angelic realms, dragons and the other kingdoms that are helping you to remember the feeling of flying rather than just the physical presence of walking, crawling and all the earthy motions.

Right now, you are practicing. When you were babies, you learned how to walk. Now you are infants in multidimensionality, learning to use your wings and live with your wings. You are learning how to live in the Flow, on the Flow and how to be a part of the Flow.

The best way to do this is to work more with your Crown Chakra because all the energies now are coming to and going through the Crown Chakra. This chakra was not used much in the past. But now it will be the leading chakra by which we receive the energies of the Central Sun and our sun and as a result you can work more and achieve more. More of the function of the Crown Chakra will become apparent. You will build the Higher Chakras energies that are connected to your physical body through the Crown Chakra. Recognize it, massage the area around it, touch it, rub it, comb it. This is normal because it will be working more and it will need more physical support, like blood flow and lymphatic work.

Hugs and love to all of you,