Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Claim Your Light Body

As a result of the events that will be happening on 11:11 (November 11, 2023) humanity will be able to claim their light bodies to be brought into their existence.

At 11:11 am on November 11th, it is recommended that you go to a quiet place in nature. Allow yourself to be in a safe and sacred place. Open your heart chakra and open yourself for this attunement, this initiation.

The 11:11 was the first of wave of the Light Body Activation. If you have not yet completed this activation please follow the process outlined here.

Ask whoever is working with you to support you by having your Light Body become one with you in this 3D world. In other words, bring your Light Body into your Merkabah and into your conscious awareness so you will be totally connected to your Light Body. Your eyes can be open or closed. It is best to lay down because the energetic flow will be very strong. Ask for it and thank it. You can do this exercise intentionally daily, so this feeling of finally being one will be absolutely natural to you. This is where you have been going for millennium, to be daughters and sons of God. To be like God and this is what is now opening up for you.

Your vibration, your mood and your attunement should be as if you are at the beginning of your first love. It should be the highest, the purest love healing that you could ever imagine. On this vibrational level, you will receive the best results from your attunement.

Your physical bodies are all different and each one of you has a different bearing capacity. You can ask that the presence of the Light Body be at the best level for your physical body. Your physical body can hold this merging with the Light Body as best as it can while you develop this gift, this skill. At the beginning, you need to have the Light Body tight, have it around you. This first step is based on your physical body’s ability to carry this light as much as possible and as high as possible.

You can also invite your star brothers and sisters and your star family to come to this celebration because it is your birthday in light. Your brothers and sisters from your star family have been waiting for this for so long. They are so happy to celebrate it with you. They can help you adjust, they can help you pass through this attunement. They can be a part of this attunement bringing the energy to you in a way that will be the most acceptable, the most pleasant while at the highest maximum level.

Hugs and love to all of you,