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Repolarize Gaia

The hourglass of the old reality is losing its last bits of sand. When the hourglass is turned over, the new reality will start. December plays a crucial roll in this. I am bringing your attention to the 12th month, the month of December, to the 12 numeric systems, the clock, the calendar and the chakras as well as the 12th dimension so you can start to work with the dolphins and whales.

In December, there will also be a lot of work with the repolarization of Gaia. Energetic changes will happen in a quarterly movement. It is like an orange. When you peel an orange, you go from one side of the orange to another. This is how the energy will be moving. It will first be condensed on the poles. Then this energy will start rotating around Gaia, around the earth from both poles until they meet at the equator. This will recharge or repolarize Gaia. These new flows of energy coming from the opposite poles will create this very strong quantum and electromagnetic field where there will be a rotation going in both directions around the equator. This is Gaia’s preparation for the shift into multidimensionality.

Hugs and love to all of you,