Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Acceleration Phase of Gaia

August 25, 2023, is an 8, 7 and 7. It is a very balanced number. Eight is the trinity symbol. It is about keeping balance despite anything and everything and at the same time feeling the support that is going through all the energetic channels that are not always seen in the matter world because it is coming from the higher realms and higher vibrations. Seven is a very sacred number. Seven is a number of creation. It can be materially based, but it doesn't have to be all matter.

Even in matter, you are now endlessly creating multidimensionally. It is like two prisms, the inner and the outer world. You are creating with these beams that are interconnecting with each other.

It is an attraction when two beams of light are coming together. It is at the space where the beams are intersecting that the space of creation is being created.

Imagine that the prisms are rotating. It means that rainbow beams are going everywhere. Therefore, the space of creation is everywhere.

The waters that are now coming to the earth have a special mission. These new waters are bringing new energies that are filling the underground areas that are in Gaia at the same time they are purifying all water on the way to the ocean as well as the ocean waters themselves. They are also filling in the under-ocean bed space with water.

These waters are balancing the pressure under water so that the work that Gaia is doing will be better supported. It is also connected to the new support grid that has been created because it is bringing additional frequencies.

The circle of water through evaporation and rain is coming to the ocean. It is an energizing circle. Gaia is raising her vibration through the circle, higher and higher.

After the Lion's Gate, a lot of star seed souls are coming to Gaia because the vibrations are now allowing them to get into the body. This is helping to accelerate things. The rain that is coming is bringing a lot of this accelerating process to Gaia.

Because of the new energy which entered with the coming of the Lion's Gate, and these new weather conditions, about 98% of the ozone layer has been rebuilt on the New Gaia. This will also help your physical body to pass through this higher vibrational period. It will allow you to have better oxygen to breathe. We will not only be breathing oxygen but an extra molecule of love. You will be breathing in the actual components of creation. This will be dissolved into your blood. The blood will be bringing it to all your cells and DNA.

The frequencies that the water is bringing are playing together with Gaia's vibration. It is like an orchestra. Altogether you are creating these feeling, recovering and recreating tones that is harmonizing all the life on Gaia. These frequencies are eliminating any dark holes or dark spaces that otherwise would be stuck there. With these harmonizing tones, the stuck tones are being dissolved and the energy is being released. Gaia is cleansing herself with these new tones of water. This process is taking place on all levels.

A new life on the bottom of the ocean is being created. All the beings are living in harmony. The spaces are totally in balance. The fish are eating plants and, the plants are creating oxygen. These little spaces are being organized on the bottom of the ocean. They are like a micro model of life as it was planned for all of you and all of Gaia. These little micro zones will be expanding and involving more and more space, species, energetic flows, liquids and everything. Slowly this idea will be brought to the surface, to Gaia and to land. Right now, it is being developed on the ocean bed.

A special aroma, a special scent is also coming because of connection and multidimensional reaction between crystals and new charged water. This scent will be very appealing to living beings. By inhaling it, the vibrations of the body will increase and all the heavy energy from matter will be easily released from the body.

This is a combination of the energy of Lemurian waters, plus the new vibrational energies, and the minerals and crystals from the time capsules. Now they are being exposed to the new vibrations. That is how they will be giving more presence to or have influence on the living beings. All the senses will be involved in absorbing new energy that is coming from Gaia and the new waters.

Don't be afraid to take in too much extra energy. You still have a good system of releasing even high energy that cannot be absorbed at this time. By passing through your body, this energy is cleansing while on its path so you can absorb more and more. It is a circle. Don't be afraid of losing this energy because it will come back to you. Don't hold on to it because you will create blocks in the body. Everything is in its own time and everything is in moderation. You are constantly charged and you are constantly creating more and more space and higher and higher vibrations that can store and use this energy.

Hugs and love to all of you,