Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Separation

You are getting more into the new physics for your life and the new physics of Gaia. Stepping into this new physics reality, you will be paying more attention to the potential between the Divine Energies. The separation is happening now and the way you will see it will be by the gap between what is going away, the old energies and where you are going, how high you are raising your vibration. This is your potential, this is your trampoline, your accumulation of energy to go further. The bigger the gap, the faster and easier you can go forward. This potential will spring you up from what is below. The lower energies do not have the key to hold or support their movement because these energies are melting by their own weight. They are slowly fading away. There is no energy there. The only way they exist is because they are still connected to what is happening on the planet, connected to the whole picture, connected to your conscious seeing and understanding of the planet. The further you go from here the faster and easier you will move. The sky is the limit.

As this process is happening, you will see and know a lot of people whose choice is not to go forward and raise their vibration. Emotionally, it can be very hard to see this happening, to say good bye to this reality where we lived for so long. I am advising you to send as much love as possible to those you love who have not chosen to go forward. Know that they are with your love, handed to God, in the best hands they can be and whatever they chose the choice is theirs. This sadness, this emotional feeling of separation will eventually go away.

Hugs and love to all of you,