Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Heartbeat

In the Quantum Field the systems including our Merkabah are communicating with each other through pulsations. I call it the heartbeat. The further you go from understanding yourselves as a physical matter body, the closer you get to understanding how this world works in the Quantum Field. This teaches you how to live and communicate when you are presented physically to your Quantum Field or to your Light Body. The communication code or carrying frequency is like sound. First you have the direction of sound, and then you have the vibration or amplitude around it. The same in the Quantum Field. You have your rhythmical tone or beat which is your presence in the Quantum Field.

Through this Quantum Field presence, you are adding sound. You are adding the messages, intentions, and the sparkles in which you are working.

Right now, you have the same tools for sending and receiving the signal including your mouth and the air. In this case, your presence, your Quantum Field is your one tool to both send the signals and receive the signals from everywhere because your Merkabah was already created by God with sensors that are registering any kind of energy frequencies or vibrations passing through your Quantum Field. These messages or energetic sentences are sent to you. They have your codes as the recipient. You are receiving it because of this quantum code or vibration. If you are the destination that is how you receive it but everybody else can see and feel it as well because you know this energy is going everywhere.

This is where Total Truth or Pure Truth comes into play because you cannot hide anything in this system. The Quantum Field life is visible and felt by everybody. You cannot lie because everybody sees and feels what you are sending and who you are sending it to. There are a lot of new concepts that will be built on this type of communication and presence. I am helping you or shaping you so that you will be able to function in this new energetic field.

In this pulsating Quantum Field, you are learning to communicate with each other, how to send and receive information through the ethers and how to start living in this world of non-body language and non-body feelings.

Even though your Merkabah is a huge energetic space, you need to organize it to work with a memory quantum gate or galaxy. These are little spaces inside our Merkabah that will save and store information for you. To access this easily, you need to work with the inner system of addressing this. It is like a code or password inside of your own system. This coding on an energetic level will be different for each of you. It maybe connected to some nonmatter characteristics based on emotions or a color of vibrations or situations connected to sunlight or nature. Because you are learning and we are all different, absorbing the information will be different for each of you. At least when you consciously try to recognize this process, you will be given guidance on how to work with it.

Hugs and love to all of you,