Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Process of Separation

The new layers in whatever you are doing, whether you are creating a new fabric by weaving threads together in an overlapping way or by shuffling a new deck of cards, are the new layers of Light or new layers of vibration which are separating matter. They are allowing God’s Presence or energy to be in between the layers of life or the events of life. The Flow of Life can to go into 3D existence giving space to any kind of new energy to enter.

You are going very fast through this process of separation, with Gaia and everything else that is ready to go multidimensional.

This overlapping layer is a way that I am showing you how it will be done. Everything that is of the Light will be going forward into multidimensionality and pulling out of 3D. Those who choose 3D will be pulling out of multidimensionality and will be staying in 3D. This is the process of the separation of the energies that are happening in your world right now, in front of your eyes.

Fully accept this separation and be at ease about the processes that are happening in Gaia. You have to accept this transition, this ascension in your hearts and in your consciousness. You know there will be some people with whom you are connected who have decided to stay in the 3D world openly. That is their choice. You need to respect and to accept their choice, instead of being sorry or trying to change the event for these people.

Carry your Light because up to the very last moment, these people still have a choice. They may jump into the last closing door. For them to do so, you have to be at your highest level of Light and Love.

There is a lot of love and compassion coming to this planet. There is a lot of heart opening and events that are bringing love into your heart that are going to happen.

I am reminding you that you have chosen to be here and you have chosen to pass through all this in this lifetime. Be true to yourself. Be true to your soul. Be true to your life's mission because that is what you have chosen for yourself.

Hugs and love to all of you,