Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Summer Solstice 2024

During the Summer Solstice, June 20, 2024 humanity will take a quantum leap forward. It is also a vortex with ying and yang movement, a very quick movement of lower vibrational energy going down and a fast movement of light going up into the higher vibrational levels.

Start looking at what is happening around you through your 3rd Eye rather than through your regular eyes because you will get much more information, communication and energy coming through the 3rd eye.

Grow the wings behind your back that will carry you into a new vibrational life. Start listening through your pineal gland rather than your ears. This will be a very unusual function for your pineal gland because it will be related to communication with your star family rather than reacting to the sounds from the outside. Through the pineal gland, you will receive the tones and vibrations from the galaxy.

When you put your shoulders back and open your heart chakra you are giving a sign to the universe that you are ready to be a transmitter and receiver of the energies that are going through you into Gaia and through you to humanity. When opening your chest, you are breathing in the new energies and new vibrations.

Think of kids sliding down a hill in the wintertime. People who consciously decided not to go forward will be choosing this new way by sliding down now. There will be multiple ways to do that. It is their choice. In the middle of this hill is a vortex that is taking you up but they aren't looking at it. They are sliding down.

Your eye lashes will perform a different function. In the past they protected you from the sunlight. Now they will work like prisms not only with the sunlight, but also the higher vibrational level energies that are going into our eyes and into our bodies. Start repurposing these old organs of yours into living in the new energies. Like a staircase that is made of fur or velvet it is very soft. When you step on it, it feeds you. Like very soft needles giving you little tiny pinches or injections allowing you to step to the next level.

I am showing you that Gaia and all the kingdoms that exist in multidimensionality, are not only supporting you, but feed you with the necessary energy that moves you forward.

Hugs and love to all of you,