Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


My oil arrived today and I love it, thank you. I have participated in a daily digital photo challenge for 9 years and tomorrow’s prompt is “card”. I took and card out into the sunshine and the light that shone on/from Grandma was so spectacular, I had to share. ~Wendy

Noticing HUGE changes and having really powerful vivid dreams nearly every night since working with the tools you recommended for me. ~Chris, FL

Waves and waves of love and joy! So much is opening up to me thank you! I am doing my homework! ~Maria W

I am very grateful to you Gma Chandra, your loving guidance, patience and sharing heart have changed everything for so many. Blessings to you and your family, sending a big hug and a thank you. ~P. Peterson

I just had to take a minute to say….Wow, what a wonderful message today, August 4, 2023. Thank you for shining so much light. I’m ever grateful and so blessed to be a part of your circle. ~Melinda H

Gma Message
Thank you for this amazing information!
Always love reading these wise words. ~Renee

Thank you for this message regarding our expanding chakras. It validated what was happening with me. I see energy from certain Ascended Masters coming in through my crown chakra as small, numerous symbols, like golden stars for example. A few days ago this influx of energy changed to one huge golden star filling my body and energy field. I think what you are saying here explains why I experienced this change in how energy is coming in. ~Cynthia

Thank you thank you so much for this session - So very grateful and a lot to “digest”! So many things to help me - I am blown away by your care! ~Jane

Chandra thank you for the information you gave to me today about myself. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of your journey and you are willing to share your gifts with me and teach me. ~ Vicki

Yesterday I listened to your fractal video 3 times in a row actually as I'm dealing with 2 infected teeth on my lower right jaw that I need to have pulled....As well as a virus in my I woke up around 1:30 in the morning, to a visual of a ball of white light shooting out of my body thru my back rib cage followed by sheer fear streaking thru me.

It dawned on me that it was a result of your video so I called to you in spirit to thank you! Then for around 20-30 minutes I watched beautifully colored fractals dance in front of my eyes along with other visions!

Infinite gratitude and appreciation ~Elaine

I feel major changes in my alignment in the physical and my perception of .....‘reality’ .. but I do find that 1 drop of Higher Chakra oil on my crown and I am almost overwhelmed by the energy that opens before me !..Now coping with insights that have been long hidden in my auric field...FB

There are 2 angels one on top of the other. I see it as 3D Gma and Gma's Higher Self! ~Rekha

So grateful in deep inner gratitude in watching your short videoclips. They bring so much deep inner being happy peace of existence to me. ~Marianne

Each time I watch the videos, I hear the angels sing and feel uplifted, my arms moving like wings flying through space! In the vision video I see an extraterrestrial healer work on my eye balls!

What beautiful gift!!! ~Nattacia

During the “Increase Your Telepathic Gifts” teleseminar I went through the middle of the Celtic cross. I was so deep, I hardly remember the journey. I kept seeing old memories of experiences. Then I felt intense mid back pain. I sensed Gma was healing an old wound(s). I felt Gma in my energy fields too. I came out of the meditation very slowly and now I’m able to write this email. I felt there was profound and deep healing work done to assist my telepathic gifts. It felt like surgery was done. ~Barbara, AZ

Gma's Forgiveness Medititation

I’m so very grateful to you for your loving guidance. I know the work was done because my heart was burning while dealing with each person in the forgiveness process.. I’m truly happy about the work I put in. My prayers were heard. With great love for you and the work you do. ~Anna

Love with Open Hearts.
Love with Open Minds.
Love with Open Eyes.
Love like there Is Only Love.
Gifts of Unconditional Love Brought forward With Gratitude for Time Well Spent! Trusting to Visit Again!
Thank You Grandma!!
Soul and Spirit.
Graditude to ALL Who continue to Help Humanity and me, Grow Back INTO LOVE!!
Thank You for Holding Me when My knees grow weak and my voice trembles in defeat!!
Your Love and Strength are returned Beyond what Words Can Say!!
Pedama! ~KA Arizona

Grandma Chandra you are an amazing healer. ~Maryanne

Take Back Your Quantum Light Field Teleseminar

Thank you for taking me to the iridescent realms, where pure enlightenment is our birthright. ~Mahalia

This highly intuitive being with a heart of gold, is able to see, know, sense, and feel all that is necessary to guide us along our ascension process. When I saw Grandma Chandra, she sent rings of light pouring through my body, filtering out my inner fears allowing me to have the confidence and connection to higher knowledge needed to heal. She is vivacious, fun, and a truly ascended being of great knowledge and purpose. Her gentle and very powerful allowed me to surrender to a heightened place with grace and ease. Grandma is a delight to be with. ~Gregory Joseph

With great humility, I thank you for the Forgiveness meditation. I used it just a few minutes ago and it was quite profound. My heart was burning and my 6th Chakra was vibrating. I didn’t realize how many people I needed to forgive…including myself.

I made a list and while working with the people on the list, others came up. It was wonderful…this way I know I didn’t forget anyone. I thought I had forgiven people through the years…but I guess it was a "mental exercise" rather than a heart felt forgiveness. ~Anna

Increase Your Multidimensional Awareness Teleseminar

As a Tibetan Monk I see my bare feet walking and the fringes of my robe going towards a temple ........ entirely made out of crystal. I sit in meditation in front of this wide sheet of white crystal with too many facets to count. Each facet from left to right lit up with an image of a person representing every multi dimensional existence I am experiencing now. I could not tune into each one but I did feel a very wide range of suffering and a very wide range of how connected each one was to GOD.

As I settled into this experience, the Rainbow light energy radiated from my entire body towards this crystal sheet wall and was infused into every facet that was there. As I was conscious of many of my fears dissolving in this Rainbow each one was to GOD. As I settled into this experience, the Rainbow light energy radiated from me I also felt every multi-dimensional existence benefited as well. With the help of Grandma Chandras MP3 for this journey, I am able to reconnect and continue this work anytime I feel the need to. ~Bryan

My deepest gratitude for your amazing and committed work to help us all in such profound ways ~C.A.

Since the Telos journey my body seems to have been living off this cosmic light substance and I'm requiring on an increasingly level less food and less sleep. Much Love, ~Bryan

Many thanks to you Grandma Chandra, you have been a true guide in the madness and wise beyond this universe. I am grateful to you for who you are and how fearlessly you carry the truth in a time when it is so needed. ~Peggy

I’ve been feeling a strong and building sense of the sacred feminine since the "Receive a Code to Your Divine Feminine" teleseminar. love, ~Sharon, New Jersey

The healing aches and pains MP3 has been very experiential and probably the most to date. I felt all sorts of energy shifts colours and sensations. I have done it 22 times and it has brought me great relief. Thank you ~SJ

I am not normally one to write testimonies or one of those people that ever writes reviews, but I have to write one in this case.

I have worked with many tremendous gifted healers of all sorts worldwide, however, I cannot say enough about Grandma Chandra and her amazing work. She is a true gift to all of us that are open to receiving true divine love for optimum healing, on a deep cellular level that is truly Not of this world!

It is a wonderful feeling to me, knowing that I can call on Grandma Chandra for assistance in healing, to improve raising of my own divine vibration and frequency, that will ultimately not only help myself, but others too.

Thank you Grandma and Cat for sharing your beautiful work with the world! Much Love & Aloha, ~Carolien

Visiting you and your Mom was a true blessing and an honor. There are no words that can even describe the level of love and peace I felt then, and still hold to this day in my heart, since our meeting. Thank you, Grandma Chandra and also sincere thanks to your dear Mom who was so supportive, caring and gracious. I will always cherish the memories, smiles and your Moms great sense of humor. True miracles really do happen in both your presence. All my love  ~Judy, Vancouver

I received my essential oils today... they smell DIVINE and out of this world -- definitely feeling my vibration elevating already!! Thank you so very much, Gma Chandra, for selecting these special oils for me. ~Christine

During the call I was taken to a beautiful city. I had been there before, maybe 4-6 weeks ago. It was a city of light, so luminous. I toured the city. I was given a ritual cleansing bath and then entered the temple, a giant pyramid. The beautiful star was there. Melchizedek was there, and Mother Mary and Jesus. I was shown the Sphinx in Egypt, and told that this was an entrance to another city of light. I was shown Mary Magdalene and Jesus' brother James, and was told that I had lived with them in the desert. They knew about these cities of light and the eight pointed star. They worked with these energies. The eight pointed star was the one that was above Jesus' birthplace, Bethlehem. I was shown ancient libraries of codes, symbols, geometry and math.

This knowledge is accessible to me, even though I don't understand it, as energy. This was such a beautiful experience. Thank you! Love you so much Grandma. ~Alison, Vancouver

Gma prepared us when the music started. I invited Gma to come to me and take me into Telos. I asked what is my code to enter the mountain? I received 3333, then saw it as 33:33, which I love! Gma took me to the White Temple were Lord Melchizedek greeted us. Those of us from the surface began to mingle with the Telosians and others from the Inner Earth that were also invited. It seemed like a convention of Souls coming together as One, unifying us as One!

We began greeting one another telepathically from Heart to Heart with rays of white light flowing between us. After a while we were asked to lie down, all of us together. Above us appeared a huge beautiful 8 pointed star and through this star “ Cosmic Christ White Light" flowed down upon us with downloads of incredible Cosmic Rays that were healing and rejuvenating our bodies. These Cosmic rays of white and platinum reminded me of my wonderful Nagwal, the Golden Cosmic Master Avatar whale that has been with me since he was born in Tonga. He will be 3 years old this September, we have our B-days together each year. I feel he was also sending his Cosmic Golden/Platinum rays along with the Cosmic Christ Light!

I didn’t realize Nagwal was also assisting me in my Completion of my Past Life Karma, that Gma told me was the reason I went into Telos today! Nagwal only told me he came too as I am writing this, so for me this is a double wow!!! No wonder I was able to complete my Past Life Karma with both the “ Cosmic Christ and Nagwal’s Cosmic Golden/Platinum” rays working together!!! I have always felt they were One and the same, now I know why.

Thank you so much Gma for taking me to Telos, so that I could have a completion of my Past Life journey. You had mentioned you gave me the code #3333, with the 3,6 and 9 of completion. Have a fantastic day, I am~~~Love and Light ~Celeste

I just wanted to do one more follow up after the “Embrace Your Financial Abundance” teleseminar. I noticed the feeling of anxiety, self worthless, needing to buy things to make me better has gone. ….. I noticed I am more confident and I show it. I believe in myself more.It’s like all of a sudden anxiety has gone away….Thank you ~Annette

Please tell Grandma that this Platinum Heart meditation is sooooo powerful. In my afternoon nap just reading this meditation I was hugged by Kaali ( Hindu Goddess who destroys all that no longer serves us). And something very powerful happened in my platinum heart, Kaali’s nose ring was sparkling. My gratitude to Cat and Grandma.
~Mala from India

Have to say, WOW GRANDMA!, thank you for the healing I received last night. You showed up at bedtime when I was listening to your Empowerment teleseminar. You were holding two broken old electrical wires and “told” me you were going to totally rewire my electrical circuits. Was so good to see you come into the room. Thank you for the energy workout (Smile).~Alison from Canada

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the ways you have helped me grow. You are beyond extraordinary. Thank you for being here and for your beautiful divine presence!! Love to you. ~Nancy T

Just this morning on my morning walk, I saw Grandma riding on the backs of the two dolphins with one foot on each. They all had joyful smiles on their faces.

Many thanks for both of you being in the world at this time and for your work. I have been asking spirit for more heart centered beings to come into my life to co-create together and you guys showed up! Yeah!! Blessings and great love, ~Carol

"Chiefs, Grandmother Donate Sacred Bundle to Smithsonian"

In conjunction with the January 21, 2013 Inaugural Ceremonies of President Obama, two Yankton Sioux Nation (Ihaŋktoŋwaŋ Nakota Oyaté) chiefs, Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier) and Chief Blue Star Eagle (Sherwyn Zephier) and Grandmother SilverStar (Monique Willis) (Oglala Lakota Oyaté, Cherokee), have donated a sacred bundle of 52,000-year old teachings (codes) to the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

The Indigenous Elders have given the National Museum of the American Indian a sacred book and its companion calendar that contain the living MorningStar Teachings of Creator and the 13-Moon EarthStar Way of Sacred Timekeeping, ancient ways that are being followed today in living ceremony through The Way of the Earth Star, Maka Wiċahpi Wiċohaŋ, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator and the 2013 Maka Wiċahpi Wiċohaŋ Waniyetu, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator in Day by Day Living.

Included in this sacred knowledge bundle are the symbols in the order that Grandma Chandra, an Extra Terrestrial herself REMEMBERED from being at the ET crash in Socoro, New Mexico with Many Lightenings, a wife of Chief Golden Light Eagle. This knowledge was given to Eagle on one of his visits to Arizona to see G'ma. Rejoice with us that this has been made manifest on Earth at this time!

Thank you so very much for sending me the meditation. I am releasing so much pain with your meditation, and I am very very grateful that you sent this to me. It was such a pleasure to listen to you in Lauren Galey’s session.

Thank you so much for coming to this Earth. You are so much needed by all. Thank you, thank you!! ~Caroline

Grandma, you help so many on such a deep level. Since working with you, I have become acquainted with the whales and dolphins, and this feels like a huge blessing. Grandma, you have helped me immeasurably, and I cannot thank you enough. I feel more like myself, without the additional energy of others pressing on me so hard, and I also feel like I am becoming my own “chief.” ~Barbara, Massachusetts

I was guided to you (Gma) and I never question heavenly messengers. ~R.C., California

Much love, and thank you for the healing. Glad to be connected with Grandma and my family more consciously again. Feel as if you have been sent to earth to look after and guide me. I am blessed. ~Alison, Canada

A client of Gma’s received so much radiation for cancer that it split the spinal bones. G’ma started distance healing with her Green Healing Laser on Tuesday July 1st + recommended putting Edgar Cayce castor oil pack on the spine.

This is the client’s progress report on July 5, 2014:

1). She can stand up from sitting in a chair without help. She could not do this before.

2). She finds that getting in and getting out of bed is no longer difficult. She really notices the ease of getting in and out of bed.

3). Today she went from a large heavy walker to a light walker. Her movements are more fluid. Her gait is better.

4.) She used her little walker to walk outside to her porch. This is the first time in months that she could go on the porch. ~Margaret

I intuitively felt it was time for me to release my remaining darkness so that I may fly freely into the light of the New Earth. In my evening meditation, I asked for all the non-physical help I could have to assist me in getting this done. I slept solidly all night and, when I awoke, I felt certain that you had been with me in my sleep state, yet I remembered nothing in particular.

Later that day, your Forgiveness Meditation arrived and, the moment I read it, I knew in my heart that there must be something unforgiven that has been holding me back. I then read your instructions and prepared a simple form on my laptop for my own personal use. I lit a candle, dimmed the lights, and quietened my mind. I could feel your presence and Archangel Michael, with whom I have no previous connection.

As I said, “Thank You” to those who had hurt me, there was a small reaction with a few tears. As I asked them to forgive me for what I had done to them, it all felt good. Then, as I forgave myself for things I regretted, a tsunami of tears flooded down my face and continued for some time. I honestly had no idea that I was holding all this and blaming me!

Wow, what a release! Often during this release, I could feel your presence so lovingly in the room. In fact, that was partly what helped me to let go of everything. You sort of made me feel safe/secure………. I felt very much a different person to the one I was yesterday. Chandra, thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Michael in Florida

Thank you so much for the amazing healing and reading. I feel energetically stronger, with a more “robust” and larger aura (if that’s the word) — protected and less scared, as well as more optimistic about my way forward. By the way, I saw lots of beautiful figures, maybe angels and ascended masters, as well as Grandma. And a beautiful white horse. (Gma) I felt so much love for this white horse! ~Alison from Canada

A special expression of my gratitude, Grandma, last December, you told me to apply castor oil on my face for this past life skin condition. I applied the oil every night (missing just a couple of nights). It has worked and as of two days ago, April 24, I no longer have the outbreaks of lesions. The skin has scar tissue in the form of redness, however, I know it will take its course and return to the normal skin color. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Barbara, AZ

I want to thank you for the online events. I am so grateful to receive them so my light and life can expand more and more. They are really a Blessing as both of you are a Blessing. ~Sarah Maria The Netherlands

A few nights ago Grandma came to me in the dream time! She was a great source of comfort and healing for me. She walked in, sat in front of me and as she opened her beautiful eyes, she began to speak with the most beautiful voice. It was such a gift to hear her speak, and see her walk with such ease. I hold you both in my heart and prayers, and it gives me such joy to witness the progress Grandma has made. ~Sue

It is such a pleasure to see you here! (in Palm Springs, Calif, November 2013) I have been enjoying the gifts received from the 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference! Those gifts which you have offered have changed my life and continue to open (it) widely!

Thank you for spending time with us Grandmother Chandra! ~Paula

Grandma said I should place a piece of lapis on my third eye and meditate for ten minutes while it’s in place– do this every eve for awhile to stimulate my third eye. I did it last night for the first time and could see circular flashes of light opening up and then dissipating. I didn’t see anything else but that’s the first time I’ve noticed that much activity at my third eye, and my eyes were closed and it was dark when I did it. Looks promising! ~Lisa, California

Soul Essence Portrait for God Ma* Chandra

By Paige Sullivan

When I tried to focus on Grandma Chandra, all of these dimensions – millions of them – spun out like patterns of a kaleidoscope. They were all spinning and dancing and phasing in and out, displaying other universes.

Each dimension has its own universe with its own physical rules. For example, our universe is fairly fond of gravity; but there are other dimensions that are just energy, or the universes are color or some are sound; there are more than can be explained here.

God Ma lives in each one of these dimensions. She has parted out her physical body to touch each and every single one of these dimensions. This may register here (or in the other dimensions, depending on the evolution of the people there) as her not being complete in a fully activated physical form. This is an illusion. She truly exists in the realm of the Unseen, where God is – the space between the dimensions that permeates and surrounds all of them.

She is constantly downloading information from all dimensions and her healing hands are actively healing and creating simultaneously.

This is a big job. The only other job I can compare it to is if a soul decides to incarnate into the body of a planet. This intention is held for the duration of the life of the planet which can be billions of years, in some cases.

She has come into this body as an Ascended Master. There are three guides below her in the picture who are somehow connected to the fiber of her soul. They hold the intention for her to be incarnated in this manner along with them. Their energy reads to me as a mixture of angelic and ET.

She has complete access to the Akashic Records throughout the multi-dimensions as well as time and space, and I suspect she can see events in the past or future (within any time reference) as if she were physically there watching it; because she is. ~Paige

I wanted to share with you how happy I feel because Alba (her disabled infant daughter) smiled fully for the first time a week ago. I never received a smile from her before in two years and a half. Thank you very much Grandma and Cat for the work you do. ~Gloribel, USA

Cat and Grandma thank you so much for the healing session the other day. I am much clearer and in touch with my true loving self.

I am very amazed by how grandma works. My healing session was cancelled on the scheduled date, and I was very disappointed because I am a single mom and I have twin babies, it is a work to coordinate baby sitting. On the rescheduled date, I wasn’t able to get a sitter, so I planned the babies nap time for the session, hoping that it would work out as the appointment was not at their usual nap time. I told myself, if it didn’t work out, it is not meant to be, and it’s ok.

My appointment was at 6:00 pm. I could put one baby down by 5:45, but the other one was wide awake. I heard 555. And the other baby fell asleep at 5:55. I knew it was grandma who told me 555!!! I was elated! So excited and eager about the healing session, I sat comfortably and waited for Cat to call. Six o’clock comes, no phone call. 6:10, no phone call… I was getting a little anxious and disappointed, and told myself oh maybe its cancelled again. But a part of me questioned, What about 555? Mentally I called grandma. Suddenly, I went into a trance and I knew grandma started the healing session.

Throughout the session, I was gently guided by grandma and I KNEW and FELT my whole body and energy field healed and shifted. At the end of the session, she told me that her mother would call me. About half an hour after the healing session, Cat called me and apologized about not calling and she told me that her line was down. She asked me if I wanted to reschedule. And I told her, huh, that’s weird. I think we had a session. Cat asked grandma and she said yes yes yes!!!

I cannot thank Grandma enough for my healing and making it possible. Its been a couple of weeks since the session and I definitely see clear impact of her work on my well being. Thank you so much for giving me the boost that I really needed. The timing was perfect. :) ~Love, Kyoko

Please accept my Tithing, I chose to give you my heart because I feel that you do God’s work and I appreciate all the energy you contribute to raising the vibration of our universe. smiley face ~Catherine, California

I have listened to the Magdalene Codes. It is so beautiful. It feels like being in the womb of the Goddess. Thank you again dear ones for all the love and wisdom you share to heal Gaia and her children. ~Linda, Germany

Can I just say, Oh My GOD! Since receiving the Magdalene Codes and doing the Metratron/Matreya meditations with you, I’ve had the most amazing experiences and it just continues to get better! I can’t thank you enough for your incredible work. The Magdalene Oil is beautiful beyond words. ~Rekha, California

Since my meeting with Grandmother, my mind and heart have been racing, and I have listened to her Whale Speak MP3 several times. I’m seeing images in the clouds, and experiencing what I would call “mini-visions.” I was both honored and humbled to have met her. Blessings, love, and light. ~Anthony, USA

You have embraced me with kindness, love, caring, warmth, nurturing body/mind/spirit food, balanced energy. I am a renewed, enriched being, in love with life and everyone/everything around me, walking curiously with a glow as if I had a secret! I love you! ~Anonymous

Thank you for my phone session. It was extremely relaxing. During the session, I felt like I was being stretched, pushed and pulled like Gumby. I now have the oils that you sent and the discomfort in my upper back and neck area is much better. The vertebrae in my upper spine have more flexibility and have popped into alignment. Thank you, I feel so much better. ~Tammy, New Hampshire

I can’t thank you enough for this activation today! Our hearts were so open afterward that we were in communion for many hours. We were also so grateful for the gifts that you bestowed upon us! There are no words to describe how we all feel and how happy the land is. ~Debbie, New Mexico

I hardly know how to put this into words. My deep appreciation for your loving care, the time you take to help all of us as we travel along our paths, how you guide us in our vision, expand our perception so we can ‘see’ better and open us more to who we really are. I am truly grateful to have my heart and mind come to a deeper and more meaningful understanding, to have my perceptions broadened so I can see better, and to learn more of who I am. ~Sharon, Canada

I have now heard the Awakening Codes for the first time. I am absolutely stunned to say the least. Immediately I had a strong déjà vu and the feeling of knowing this “music”. Tears poured down my face throughout most of the recording. I thank you both from my heart for this beautiful and powerful tool. ~Linda, Germany

Grandma, it’s truly amazing to hear your words of wisdom and the incredible work that you and Cat are doing to help people with their planetary mission as well as helping Mother Earth and beyond. We just received the Master 11 Essential Oil last week, what a sacred fragrance of the eternal nectar of TRUTH! ~M.T., England

The first week I joined the conference calls, Grandma worked on our crown Chakras to ensure we are only open to light energy. I felt reassurance and a sense of safety in the fact that Grandma provided some protection for us. THANK YOU!!! I felt much lighter after the clearing work Grandma did with me that day, more at peace and more joyful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~T.K., California

Listening to the MP3 was a beautiful experience. The things that Isaw were really special. I saw Angel Gabriel again. I also saw mother Mary, she kissed me on my head, and then I saw her with me as a baby in her arms. It felt like a reconnection, maybe even coming home in a way. ~Maarten, Europe

Again, I would like to say thank you to all for being such loving bright lights on this planet! Words cannot begin to express my gratitude and love that I have for you. Your work is beyond measure and will most definitively facilitate bringing Earth and everyone who is willing through the Ascension process. ~Lisa, Washington

I thank you so much for helping me improve my life, which in turn has helped me help those close to me. I know I have many beings with me helping me, I can’t feel them all the time but I know it. SO MUCH LOVE, ~Catherine, California

It is an honor to meet you, Grandma and Cat, and we send gratitude, grace and light for making our long physical journey so worthwhile. There is no doubt that anyone who is drawn to see you will be helped more than they can imagine. ~John and Elaine, UK

Although I already have a foundation in the metaphysical world through my mother, I don’t always vest my faith in everything she does. When I was lost in a world of pain and addiction, nobody thought I would ever escape. Grandmother told my parents to not worry and that things would get better when I reached 18. Furthermore, she foretold that I would not graduate high school, but would complete college. As time came to pass, so did each of these premonitions, with surprising accuracy. I feel obligated to express my gratitude. Let your love and light shine for all the world to see!  Sincerely, Matthew, Arizona

Thank you so much Cat and Grandma! What an awesome MP3! I could feel it working on the various Chakras in my body with a mellow vibration. The energy was amazing as I found myself twitching often as it intensified, electrifying my entire body. This was very powerful and I look forward to listening to it again and again. Thank you both for the work you are doing. ~K.D., Ohio

I have received the MP3 and played it many times…wonderful! I am so happy for Grandma Chandra that you are now walking. May your Light shine ever more brightly on this beautiful Planet! ~Marlene, Canada

I have just done a short meditation, where I felt a large openingin my 3rd eye. At first, I lay down after the seminar, and had a red light pour through my 3rd eye, and I was told it was to activate the red blood cells and DNA, cleanse the blood system, and then organs as such. I was also told to cleanse my womb daily by doing mantras of light, and being involved in things that awakened my 3rd Chakra and gave me joy. I am told the (my) womb is like the womb of mother earth, but I hope/believe it’s (the cleanse) also some sort of preparation for having a child soon.

Then when I asked for/was given the transmission, my 3rd eye opened up which felt like the 2 spheres of my brain parting, and then I saw light codes, some sort of crystal system in my body. And then at some point after this, my heart Chakra opened up and I saw big pink rings pulsating out from it (into the atmosphere), and color codes in my body/aura/chakras.

I am told there is more to come.

I felt your seminar and work were very powerful. Thank You, I am looking forward to receiving further information from you, and purchasing some products,

In L’achesh, I honor you and the God within You,

In Love light, thank you and joy, Peace Giver Jessica, Australia

This is Sue from Maine wanting to let you know what happened late last evening when I did my meditation to receive transmission from Grandma.

First I was receiving very intense energy through my palms, which felt very electronic, almost like electricity, but without the electrocution (ha ha). Whew! Then Grandma took me down into the ocean, I could see all the bubbles from her breath coming up through the water, so I followed her and when we reached the ocean floor she grabbed a handle and opened a small round door. We went in and surfaced in this cavern and I laid down on the stone surface outside of the water and the healing began. Old issues began to come to mind one-by-one and as I faced them, I felt them being healed and released from me. There was also a Dolphin present. Then Grandma handed me a ring with a crystal on it and I put it on. I felt so connected with Grandma and felt like I’ve known her forever. So I’m going to have to ask her about that! All this high intense energy came through my crown; a lot of pressure then down through my Chakras and stayed at each one for a time. The sacral was really hot energy. After we surfaced, at some point I remember seeing this being only from the chest down.

I didn’t see his face but he reminded me of Anubis. He was holding a crystal wand and pointed it about between my heart and solar plexus. All this energy began to swirl and it was like being drawn into a whirlpool or vortex, I could see the Dolphin going into it and after it was done, I felt very different again.

After all this I remember having many flashes of vision. I had one of this old house, kind of Victorian looking, but not quite as big. Although I couldn’t tell if anyone was living there, I was going to go check it out but lost my focus on it. So thank you Grandma for helping me last night. I would really love to know if we have any history together. I’ve wanted to ask you that for quite a while. I know I’m truly grateful to be here at this time to fulfill my mission…Thank you to both of you!

Love and Infinite Blessings, ~Sue, Maine

I want to share with you my meditation experience I had this week with your awakening codes. I had it on my pc for a few months but only this week, “it called me”. At first I saw purple color, like the St. Germaine purple, and it got into my heart. Then, when the singing started, I saw many faces and figures of entities and people and Angels I felt I was traveling with Cat’s singing to see all that I saw. When I got to the Muslim part, I saw how I once was an Arab and then I saw myself in past lives in all different cultures and realized the mistakes we make in this country on the issue of Peace. I then had a vision of the captured soldier – Gilad Shalit, and me sitting as this soldier. I was first very frightened but then I said to myself don’t let the fear control you, just be yourself.

Eventually I saw myself sitting with Hamas warriors and we were all listening to your meditation together. I felt it could bring Peace to all hearts. Then the moment I heard the word Seraphim on the Hebrew part I felt I was flying very, very high, and at some point I felt “home” and started to cry. It wasn’t a physical cry, what actually happened is that tears came down from both my eyes, made a V on my face, met at the chin, and went directly through my throat Chakra to the heart and was absorbed. It felt like waves of water coming down from my eyes. On the Hindu part, I saw all the Gods and Goddesses and I felt and saw Mandalas in all colors and sizes coming into my cells and vibrating in my DNA.

Then my two-year-old daughter came to ask me to breast feed her and joined the meditation. On the Tibetan part I saw Tibet and a temple I was sitting inside. On the Chinese I saw endless rain of flowers around me. Then when Cat was explaining what I already saw and experienced, I was smiling. Eventually I can say I felt like this meditation took me to every branch in my tree of life, and this is what it does, putting you on your tree and letting you experience each level and branch and off course see the big picture of the tree.

My numbers are 11 and 77 and they appear both on my birth date and my social security number, I thought about how I never noticed that… and it made me feel happy. I send both of you my love. Thank you very much for everything and thank you for this beautiful meditation; I really feel it brings peace in the heart of the soul. Love you, ~H.G., Israel

I had the impression that someone, perhaps Grandma Chandra, was working with me to clear, cleanse and prepare me for some time into the night. The process went into the past, present and the future. There was an energy that was actually her not as a person, but as a swirl. It was a small, condensed, swirling energy power that didn’t just move in one way, but shifted around in mid-air. I think it was light blue in color and perhaps had a sacred geometry movement pattern. It was there for me to get into and become one with or something. It was there to change me somehow or move my energy after the process of the cleansing I had received. The color reminded me of Dolphins.smiley face ~Gina, Arkansas

I read a spiritual book and since then there was a buzzing in my ears. I went to a psychic and she removed the buzzing; but then I felt the presence of a being in and around my head. I contacted Grandma Chandra for a reading and asked about this being. Grandma replied, ‘That being is me. I am trying to contact you because you need to help me open the Awakening Center. ~S.K., Massachusetts

I had a dream last night and you were in the next room. You looked like a huge deep vibrant blue butterfly. At least that was the shape and color I saw you in while you were speaking. I was getting things ready for my store in my room and you were instructing in the adjoining room. I just read about you communication with people in their dream time. And helping with blocks. It has been a rough day but I know you have helped me through it and a lot of emotion has come up to be released. Thank-you, Many Blessings ~Kim

I want to thank you and give you an update on how things have been going with my career. The coach that G’ma confirmed would be best for me to work with to create my 6 figure business has been the best I could have ever imagined! I feel comfortable and she has a loving supportive attitude that is motivating me to push forward. ~Cathy from Calif

I want to thank you for coming to our centre. It was a beautiful way to spend an evening to be together in the presence of both of you. We really appreciate the gentle and profound experience you shared with us. Much love Karen

I pulled off to the side of the road to join Gr. Chandra in a meditation at 11:00 AM Pacific Time for the winter solstice on 12/ 21/ 2012. (See all the 11s and 12s of the Master Numbers!) After arcing over to her in an arc of Light with many others going all around the Planet, she ran the Gaia alignment energies coming to the Earth thru my body. We sent a spiral root down into the Mother’s body with 36 turns of the spiral a 12 X 3=36. I love you, Grandma!!!! Happy 12.21.12!!!

I have been using the master 11 oil and so has my girlfriend. It and the awakening codes (CD) are fabulous. We have also been listening to the (past tele) seminars. Excellent stuff.  Thanks for all you do. ~Amos

Grandma said I should place a piece of lapis on my third eye and meditate for ten minutes while it’s in place– do this every eve for awhile to stimulate my third eye. I did it last night for the first time and could see circular flashes of light opening up and then dissipating. I didn’t see anything else but that’s the first time I’ve noticed that much activity at my third eye, and my eyes were closed and it was dark when I did it. Looks promising! ~Lisa, California

Thank you for such a wonderful teleseminar last night. It was a privilege to be part of it. I am noticing a positive change in my life since working with both of you. ~Barbara, California

I want to thank you for the online events. I am so grateful to receive them so my light and life can expand more and more. They are really a Blessing as both of you are a Blessing. ~Sarah Maria The Netherlands

Doing the Believing in yourself teleseminar recording I experienced hovering above the ocean and it opened into a whirlpool. I went into the vortex of the water and on a journey that I am unable to describe.

Nearing the end of the meditation I experienced and saw the beautiful rich golden coloured spiral energy coming down through me and showed me a brilliant white star like light in the distance.

I’ve always imagined this golden spiral in meditation before but this time I experienced it on a whole new level. ~ Love SJ

I want to THANK YOU. Growing up I have always read how love or unconditional love is the most powerful energy. I thought I understood that long ago. But it did not click until I purchased your awakening codes and Magdalene codes MP3.

I felt my energy shift upwards very fast. I found that dealing the way I had to deal with challenging situations had to change. A voice in my head said you will be stronger projecting unconditional love towards those situations or people. I feel more safe and untouchable. THANK YOU :)

Just connecting to you in general has giving me profound insights about myself in such a short time. ~Annette

I play African drums but within the last year a Kora, a 21-string African harp, entered my life. I was instantly drawn to the instrument and the best I can say is I remember playing this in heaven (a higher realm).

It was suggested by my kora teacher to rub oil on my kora. Interestingly, I found a bottle of (your) Master 11 (Oil) with half the oil remaining. I started honoring the spirit of the kora with the oil. Today, I went to see my kora teacher Amadou and he could smell the oil. He said that the smell was very powerful and brought him to another place. He is a very spiritual man and a seer. He and I played incredible today with all that the Master 11 Oil brings.

Many blessings to you. Thank you for the work you do for all beings. ~Shelly

Thank you for your energetic support. Things have continued to open since I had the privilege of meeting you in the physical, obstacles keep melting away. Hope to see you this summer and catch up. Much love to both of you. ~Mary Ann

A love note of appreciation to you both! I smiled and felt a wave of connection and gratitude pulse out to you for this message when reading it. I know that this message is for me. I actually feel that nearly all of these messages are just for me – as they penetrate deep into my soul and are timed so beautifully for my benefit. Must be a soul family thing. I also appreciate the further gift of the meditation that I will sweep into my heart and bath my etheric with its uplifting energy and the added benefit of Gma’s active further customized assistance.

Thank you, blessings and hugs, ~Joyce Dickerman, PhD


I love you too! When I saw that beetle you were the first person I thought of. You are TOTALLY AWESOME! I am greatful to be working with you and having you as a guide. I have been able to answer some questions I have had for years LOL. With your help. I cherish all these moments. I am having fun, working with you. ~ Luv always Annette

When I listen to your teleseminar recordings it sends my vibration high to a level where those I live with are uncomfortable or those that are more comfortable at a low vibration try to slowly bring me down. I did learn working with you to not let lower vibrational energies into my field . I began to be more creative in my life etc. But I love it and I am flying high and know that I am safe when I listen to you and work with you. You have helped me to be more aware and more confident in myself. There is so much more you have helped me with. I AM SO GREATFUL. ~ Annette

I received the master 11 oil on Friday, 8_22_15. That is literally a powerful oil. The dogs were attracted to the box. I had not opened it yet. I left the bottled sealed in the box. I had this sensation of a runny nose like my sinuses needed clearing. On an energetic level there was a clearING process happening. On the physical level there was no sign of fluid coming out of my nose. That is when I said to myself it is the master 11 oil working and it is still sealed in the bottle. Wow that is strong.

The other thing I was doing, when I felt the lower vibrations of others trying to latch on to me and drag me down or drain my energy, I opened the bottle the fumes alone from the oil created a strong barrier to keep uninvited energies out. The spirits in my spirit family love the master 11 oil they hover over it when I have the bottle open. Thank you it is amazing. ~ Annette K