Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Unity and Oneness

The same way as seeds in the sunflower are expanding their juices and readiness, humanity is receiving these energies to go together into the light and the sunshine just as the sunflower is always turning to the sun. Humanity is opening their chakras and opening all channels to receive all the new energies that are coming through Gaia's grids, through the sun, and Central Sun's Quantum Field.

You are all helping each other because you are in each others Quantum Fields, and all connected. Each of you are living with families or with pets/animals. Each of you is connected to other people on a physical level or on a spiritual level. This is a Quantum Field. Everything is happening so fast right now because the Quantum Field of one is inducing the Quantum Field of another. By stimulating each others Quantum Field, you are simulating each others’ growth.

Every moment, you are bringing the best potential energy levels and timelines for individuals or groups and as a result for humanity. Because of this Unity and Oneness, you are very quickly bringing a new understanding of who you are, where you are going with Gaia and the new consciousness of getting to where you need to be to be ready for this transition, for this shift, for this Quantum Leap.

This Unity and Oneness starts in the heart of each of you in the same way seeds start from one shell. It is growing from the flower bed. You as humanity are growing from one God's energy. You are connected to the same force. You are bringing this energy and transforming it through your beings into the new reality that you are building. You are receiving this energy. You are transforming this new Quantum Energy into the new Quantum Reality in cooperation with Gaia.

I am bringing to your attention that you are now doing this constantly. The results of your work will show up very soon because there are more and more people who are participating in this work creating this new Quantum Reality. Soon the quantity will be transformed into quality. Very soon, the amount of the Quantum Energy that you are transmitting by your intention and your work will become the new Quantum Gaia. You will start living in this new Quantum World most of the time.

Hugs and love to all of you,