Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Lemurian Time Capsule

A few members of my team opened the time capsule for the new timeline that you moved into on November 11th. The time capsule has been sent from Lemuria from the Pleiadeans for you. They were getting the information out so it will hold the new timeline for Gaia and humanity.

One member of my team who was receiving singing downloads, used her voice to put the tones in, so they were tuned as the capsule work was opening. Another member played the cello. He tuned the cello to the new vibrations. The cello sounded like voices. After the singer and the cello player finished their work together, they felt a tremendous outburst of energy. This energy will be constantly flowing out of this time capsule supporting all of you and Gaia going through the new timeline. This supports everyone who wants to be in this vibration to maintain and to raise their own vibration.

Now you can tune into this energy which is in the Flow, before you send any intention or start any work. This energy is already carrying your intentions and your work. All you need to do is to tune into it. This will multiply your efforts and achieve results in your reality with more synergy and efficiency according to God's plan.

Similar time capsules are opening in Gaia right now in every place that Pleiadeans were present. Everyone who feels called to work with the time capsules and to tune into them, can participate in this work. It doesn't have to be group work. However, group work is better because the more people that are involved and tuned into this process the easier the process will go.

Going on this new timeline you will be receiving support until you get to the level of vibrations and knowledge that was fully stored and shared with us by Pleiadeans.

Because now you are stepping into the era of love and compassion. These are the main energies, values and characteristics in which the energy of these time capsules will be presented. It is not like you are learning something new because we knew all this when you were in Lemuria. You are remembering all this knowledge that was given to us and shared with us by Pleiadeans. Now as the energies allow you to get not only the pure knowledge but the vibrational truth of this knowledge is when we start living this truth, bringing this vibration into our everyday choices.

The choices of love and compassion will be made easier everyday, and as you go higher, that will be the only right choice that you will immediately see. More and more people on Gaia will be seeing these choices and the result of this Light choice and because of that the process, you will be speeding up much faster. The more people that step and choose Light at every opportunity, every second, in every situation, the faster and the higher you and Gaia are rising up into a new 4D reality.

Tune into this work whenever you can because this is the main work for now. Group work will have better results but you can work individually as well because you are all connected.

Watch the moon more often to see the changes that are happening in the solar system through the changes of the moon and in the moon. With the new science, research and relationships about the moon, a lot of new information will be coming about your world, Gaia, the sun, the solar system, yourselves and your star family.

The moon will be repurposed. It was not being used according to God's plan. The space of the moon, will be repurposed to be of service to humanity and humanity will soon learn how to use this space.

The infinity symbol has two loops. In one loop there is the sun and the other there is Gaia. The moon is in the connection between the two loops. The flow that should be going through the space of the moon, will be restored. It has been blocked. This new energy of eternal creation will be restored and will be brought back to Gaia and to our sun.

There was a system of mirrors that were used to create the hologram of the moon. It will be repositioned so that only healing, creativity and God's frequencies will be going through this system. Previously, negative energies were going through the holographic representation of the moon. There is a group of space beings that are working on this repositioning with you. They are pulling this energetic net through the moon space to bring it back to the right frequencies and the right Flows. The work that you are doing along with me is assisting this work. There is only subtle tuning that is left to be done. Most of the work is already finished.

Hugs and love to all of you,