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April 8th Eclipse

The 444 represents the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and I am one of them. It is an anchor for the 111, 222 and 333 and is the foundation that provides guidance and support for all the other triple master numbers.

44 is Evolution and Revolution of Self on All Levels. Gifts: Sovereignty over self, Elevation and Right Use of Power.

In addition, because of the period of the eclipse on April 8th all your bodies will experience overwhelming pressure and impregnation of the new energies. They can be reflected for everyone differently. In your 3D life, you may start experiencing some physical symptoms, blood pressure increases, and decreases for some people, very high or very low. The work of your pulmonary system maybe arrhythmic because of trying to absorb and move away from the body all this energy. You may experience hot flashes or cold flashes because of how your body is working with these new energies. To balance your body, move the excess out and away and disperse the portion that is held in your body.

On the other plane, on the other layers, it can be very emotional when people start to bring to you their emotions and try to involve you in their 3D dramas. Try to separate yourself from the others because this is a good way to be now, to put a gap between someone else’s emotions and where you want to be. When you are doing so, don't just step aside, step aside and up to raise your vibration.

This can also be reflected in your karmic lessons. They may start catching up with you very fast. Sometimes not one at a time but a few at a time. Be aware it is just pictures, a movie of your old karmic stuff. Allow it to pass through you. Recognize that this is happening and let the energy go. Then you will not feel so attached or called to be a part of that drama. Go to 5D or higher and look at it from above with love, compassion and forgiveness. Allow all that to happen as fast as possible. Get out of your life experience, get out of the timeline, get out of your environment, get out of your family.

Looking at the 444 master number. You are building the foundation that will carry you through this spring period. The stability of every angle is crucial. Our foundation must stand firm in this new multidimensional world. In other words, in whatever high dimensions you are traveling, you always have to have a grounding platform where you can come back into yourselves and be fully present. I am repeating the words “fully present” again and again because it is harder and harder to be fully present in 3D. Be aware of this and when it is critical for safety, concentrate on being fully present.

Whenever you can, allow yourself to be wherever you want to be, wherever your spiritual work or your call is, just make sure your body is in the same space, in the same room, sitting or laying down. Make sure your space is safe and protected.

Hugs and love to all of you,