Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Living In Freedom

Bright colors are erupting all over Gaia like flowers blooming. All this awakening happening is like a rainbow coloring Gaia. It gives a spring feeling in the winter. All the efforts put into this year are coming to completion and you are feeling the results of your work. Feel it in your environment. This will be a change, living in freedom or living from your heart. No one can suppress it. You don't have to hide anymore or hold back something beneficial for others. Don't hide your inventions. Don’t be afraid that they will be stolen or used for negative activity. Everything will be used for the higher good of everyone concerned. Step out of your prison cell. Open the doors of sharing, living in prosperity and abundance.

The dark matrix is falling in a vacuum. There is no resistance to this fall. At the same time, there is nothing to hold it or prevent the fall or even slow it down. There is nothing that will stop this collapse. The dark ones cannot get any energetic motion moving their presence or being. There is no flow of creation for them. There is no support or foundation for them.

Hugs and love to all of you,