Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

New Timeline for Humanity

You have stepped into a new timeline for humanity, a new quantum physics of reality and a new quantum living. What does this mean for all of you? It will be much easier to make choices according to God’s plan. In the past, you had to find a mentor, or a master which was a very challenging process. You had to go through fake masters, fake channels until you got to the source which brought you to the Light. The picture is changing now.

One of the first authentic choices that you will be given will come from the Light. There is still freedom of choice. A person can reject this choice. Some can choose a lower frequency. You will have better opportunities to be constantly in the flow of life. This also means that even little steps in this direction will be bringing you huge choices and a lot of strength and energy to bring your choice into the Light and create in your reality. In other words, it will happen without unnecessary resistance like in the past. Now, resistance is not in your way. The way is open to horizons and opportunities to put into Light most of your wildest dreams about the goodness or Godness of being on this planet. You will be with the right people to do what you are planning to do.

Tune into the right energies to bring your quantum supporters, quantum groups, quantum sisters and brothers to participate and download the information. Aim for a forward direction. It means you will be provided with the necessary resources to put life into balance with nature, Gaia and humanity.

This step forward also means that those bringing a contrary agenda to God’s plan, still trying to enslave humanity or create lower energy in humanity will not be supported. These efforts will have no carrying frequencies. They will localize and will not spread out. They will be melted into the new energy space so they will not be able to spread. They will be minimized and totally decimated.

Start with a simple project. Start doing something. The time of waiting is finished. It is time to put everything into your life because you have help, tools, energy and groups you will be working with. You have everything you need. It is time to go and create your world.

There are no limits anymore. It is very hard for you to live in an unlimited world because usually when you put in any effort, you bumped into something which stopped you. It is much harder to create when there is no resistance. The beauty of this is you are creating from within in an absolutely natural, beautiful flow.

Hugs and love to all of you,