Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Everything Will Speed Up

Everything will speed up and will happen much faster. All the roots that were planted will immediately produce the stems, leaves and flowers. You will see these fruits; they are the results of everything you were hoping for and working on. These flowers and fruits will be coming very fast. Watch for them. See them in all aspects of your life because everything is changing rapidly.

The help that is coming to you will be amplified. Because of your rising energy, your response and your work, the help from your star family and galactic family will be increased exponentially.

This is why everything is happening and changing so fast. You will be both the receivers and the transmitters. The energy that is coming through you will be of a greater volume and much higher in frequency. This is what will change your 3D reality quickly.

Some governmental situations are changing. A few countries will be changing very soon and people there will start living in a different way.

You will see the first bright, shining information about technologies that will be finally claimed by humanity. Humanity will be given access to these technologies and will use them in your daily life.

Telepathy and communication with your star family and galactic family will increase. People who are holding these connections will become communicators or transmitters. Due to this, information will be more accurate, clearer and more available to wider circles.

Keep your vibrations as high as possible every second. Because every second counts!

Hugs and love to all of you,