Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

You Are There

Now is the time for everything to come together. You have everything you need. You have learned everything you could. You gathered all the grids and fields that you should have by this time. Time to start living in the new reality. Stop saying that you are going there, stop saying that you are getting there. Now you are there. You are living there now.

This is the main concept that I very strongly want all of you to take into your heart and to start living it. All your masters, teachers and guides who are working with you are with me in giving you the same message. You are already here to live this new life. Your only obstacle is that you still cannot believe you are here. You are not acting as if you are here. You are not living as if you are here.

You must change your perception of where you are. You must feel yourselves in multidimensionality already. Act like the master of your own life. Act like God's sons and daughters living in the reality created for you by yourself through God in you.

As soon as you move yourselves consciously into the new 5D Gaia that is when all of this happens. Right now, you are no where because you still think that you are on the way. Accept the fact that you are already there!

Hugs and love to all of you,