Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

777 Pulsation

You are pumping this new energy into your bodies and you are expanding your presence at the same time that you are condensing this new, much higher energy. You are rising like a helium balloon. In other words, when you get this energy pumped into your body, you are rising into the higher dimensions. You yourselves are creating the ability to move higher.

This is like what your heart does for your body because with every heart pulse fresh blood is being pumped into your body, you are rebirthing yourselves. You are sending the message of God's love to your body. With every heart’s pulsation you move physical blood around your body, as well as this new energy throughout your body. Each of you is becoming a little vortex because you are creating this energy circulation. You are becoming an energy generator, creating this energetic field that is connecting with the other fields and the other energies. The main thing is you are creating a new reality of multidimensionality by the functions of your body starting from 3D heart pulsations and bringing it higher to a multidimensional level.

It is like two circles that are going in two different directions. One clockwise and the other counterclockwise. This is the kind of circular movement that is happening inside your body. By creating this momentum, the energetic impulse, creates this energetic presence. This energetic field that you are creating and bringing into reality, forms this new creation of energy which started in your body by your presence.

With all the other pulsations that you have around you, like the Schumann Resonance, sun pulsations and all the galaxies pulsating, creates the movement of this energy and exchanges this energy field, or energy cloud between the parts and the particles of the universe. In other words what I am showing you is the light of an energetic phase and how they are interconnected and communicating with each other through these pulsating movements. Due to this pulsation, the energy is spread, going forward and is radiating. Those that are outside whatever body, whether it is your body or the planet’s body, are receiving this energy because it is a kind of ascending mechanism that the universe is providing in multidimensionality for the energetic world to communicate with each other.

July 7, 2023, is a triple 7. Triple 7 represent the Golden Heart which facilitates the alignment of planets and stars to the heart of the New Earth. Double 7 or 77 is the completion of everything in all dimensions. This is what I am explaining to you through this pulsation.

Hugs and love to all of you,