Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

New Fabric of Life

In the past, the process of weaving the fabric of life was local, very traditional and slow. After the 23rd of December the process of creating the New Reality will go very fast. It will be like strands coming together in braids combining, working together introducing the New Quantum fields. This will occur in different tones and colors and different vibrations too. It will happen globally very quickly. This is a huge change in how the fabric of life will be created.

This is all occurring in a spiral movement. The spirals are going around and around while Humanity is going to and from every place on the spiral. In other words, the spiral movement of your life is now sending the energies all over the galaxy telling your Star Family members about the changes that are happening on Gaia right now.

The core energy which is in the middle of the spiral is the blueprint or God's plan for Gaia and as a result, also the plan for humanity living on Gaia right now. This core energy is not only supporting the spiral movement, but also energizing it. It is like the central piece of a battery. If this central piece changes direction the whole spiral changes direction. It will become stronger or wider and the spiral rotation around it will become wider. It is like a live connection between what is now being sent to Gaia and the energies that are coming to you from the central sun, together with the development of human consciousness and the life on Gaia right now. It is a mutual interconnection and mutual movement in accordance with these new energies that are coming to Gaia from the central sun.

The chakra systems of each of you is now reacting to these changes and is receiving this information of this mutual collaboration of the central core of the energies and the spiral that is going around. All your chakras are tuned into this new fabric of life to become a very harmonic and very organic part of this new life. You are becoming an impression on this fabric of life rather than being an obstacle or being an individual part that is not connected to the whole.

You are totally interconnected to the fabric of life. You are becoming the factors of beauty, joy and variety in this life. You are like a natural fabric of this new life bringing all these new qualities into the energetic field which we are creating in this fabric.

Hugs and love to all of you,