Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

November 2023

The month of November is a time for healing. In October, a lot of issues were brought to the surface, to your attention and to be resolved. Now you can heal. Whatever in your life was not acceptable in the past is you coming to a state of acceptance, a state of being. You are allowing a lot of things to be in your life that you could not imagine in the past. Healing, acceptance and allowing are three major qualities that represent the characteristics of this month.

The month of November will play a preparatory roll for you to slowly transition into the new year. You will receive and express more empathy toward each other. With this empathy, with this understanding of everyone’s right place no matter what is happening around you, with your new acceptance and allowance you will bring healing in the best way for all involved.

Pay attention to your own Violet Flame which is inside of you. It is a flame of your higher self that transitions into the new energies or the Violet Flame of Unity with the sparkle of God. You can also call this your Clearing Light generated from your Violet Flame and is used to clear your God particles or your Higher Self particles. This is a way to accept yourself as God's presence in this world. It will also allow you to be God’s presence.

Hugs and love to all of you,