Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies

A lot of the weather conditions that you are experiencing is a result of the balancing of the feminine and masculine energy on the planet itself because the feminine energy has been suppressed on this planet. Additional feminine energy is coming through the rain, snow and any kind of water flows on Gaia. This water and snow coming to Gaia is actually bringing her original balance back to how it was planned for her to transition and ascend especially in the spring when the fallen snow is melting. Right now, the part of Gaia that gets rain instead of snow, shows that this balance is already coming to the level where it needs to be. The pressure balance for the waters under the earth is a flow of love and light that is going through this new wave, new energy coming to Gaia actually supporting all the energy of the processes that are happening on the surface and that are happening for humanity.

The same processes that are happening on Gaia are happening in your body because this new energy that is coming from the waters of the energetic quantum field of Gaia, is actually helping your body to restore these balances. It is connected to the fluids in your body especially the blood, lymphatic system and all the other systems that are supporting the flows including the energetic flows in your quantum field. All these fields are realigned by the realigning field of Gaia. You are receiving this energetic push from the planet to balance the feminine and masculine energies in your bodies, and to release all the blockages that were preventing this balance from happening in your body. Now you can release all the toxins, blockages, hard particles and the unnecessary fluids that were holding these discordant situations in place.

The same balancing is happening in your brain tissue especially in the parts connected with communication, with higher frequencies especially the pineal gland. The endocrine system and all the glands in your body are becoming more aware of this shift and are producing the necessary ingredients to help all the glands create this balance.

These new balancing energies will help you to embody the new energies that are coming to Gaia and will help you to be more present in the energetic space in which Gaia is aiming for.

All the work you are putting into this balancing is bringing you to the condition where your whole energetic field, your quantum field, your body and your bodies are most efficiently working in the new energies. Every time when I send you a message or every time when I work on you, you are going higher and higher or closer and closer to your full presence in your light bodies.

Hugs and love to all of you,