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Each month I will add new topics to this page. This information will address questions that I receive and will also include content that is important for you to know or understand on a deeper level as you move forward on your ascension path.

Importance of the Sun

The sun, the sunlight and the sun beams will use all of your flows so the energy can flow inside your body in a balanced way. It is very important for you to get direct sunlight. Be in the sun as much as possible to receive these tuning sequences that can help you throughout the day. If you watch the sunset, these frequencies will be with you throughout the night in your sleep time. While sleeping, you will receive more information and downloads.

In the past, when there was no electricity, humanity would get up at sunrise and go to bed with the sunset. This natural rhythm has been broken because you have the ability to wake up later and go to sleep later. We have devices, TVS, microwaves, computers, cell phones, light poles etc that all disturb your electromagnetic body’s balance. Your biological clock will become healthier as you get back to these natural rhythms, helping the 3D body to tune into these new energies.

Your Lymphatic System

You can stimulate your lymphatic system by rocking from heel to toe on a mini trampoline, jumping, walking, doing yoga, climbing, dancing or jogging.

By boosting your lymph system, your body can get rid of toxins or cellular debris easier. This release will make your body lighter and at the same time teach you to overcome gravitational forces. This will be the first step for your anti-gravity feeling, ultimately moving forward to levitation.


Many of you have called or emailed me with physical problems such as hair loss, inability to recover from colds or the flu, poor wound healing etc. The adult human body whether male or female, needs 100 grams of protein per day unless you are a couch potato, then 50 grams. People who do healing work whether physical or spiritual especially need protein and essential fatty acids too. One of the reasons that the personnel in our hospitals and care centers are so exhausted is not enough nutrients and sleep. High quality proteins from beef, lamb, chicken, fish, turkey, sunflower and pumpkin seeds etc are essential. Why? These proteins contain zinc, an important mineral for metabolism and digestion. Zinc and the mineral copper are partners. When one is high the other is low. Keeping a balance is necessary. If copper is too high, we become over emotional with anger, sadness etc. Everything you consume other than the proteins above contains copper. Remember, no protein, no hair. No protein, no wound healing. No protein, soft bones.

A word about my PHYSICAL healing videos: These are supplements to help you with challenges. For example, if you have abscesses in your mouth, rotted teeth and diseased gums, see a dentist. My video Bolster Healthy and Gums can help if you have an infection in one tooth, or bleeding gums but you must also take third dimensional care of your mouth. Diet, toothbrushing, flossing etc are necessary.