Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

September 2023

You are stepping into a wide expansion of space. With the increase in vibration, it is a higher energy and a bigger space. It is the feeling of intensity in changes, speed, and movement into the new timelines as well as an intense change in your DNA. With all this said, you are still all present in your physical bodies. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable.

Look at the light beams. Receive the light beams because a lot of information is getting directly to you from the sun. You don't need anymore transmitters or anybody else to translate for you. You can now transcribe these messages yourselves and infuse this energy in your bodies. With time speeding up, you are speeding up your ability to understand the messages and to receive the energies. All this is happening simultaneously which is very good. Otherwise, you would be feeling frustrated because you would be getting delayed messages. This is not what is happening, you are getting everything at exactly the right time, at the right speed and the necessary information.

You no longer need to worry about a solid connection. When two energies touch each other, and exchange patterns, they go on their own trajectory. This is something new for you. In the past, whenever you got something, you wanted to solidify it, name it, and frame it.

The work that is coming now is very different because it is recognizing, acknowledging, registering, and moving forward. There is no time for building these unnecessary accessories that will be left behind anyway. This is related to all parts of your personal life, meeting people, and talking to people. The same with your business life. You are finding the best way to go by connecting. The same with all the energy and processes that are happening on Gaia right now.

Thanks to all these processes happening simultaneously, the information can be uploaded to the grid wherever this energetic connection is happening. The new grid is now holding all of this for you. Whenever you want to ask a question, or to download it for yourselves. It is all there.

This process is moving quickly, and you will be able to recognize this in September.

Hugs and love to all of you,