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Beyond Solstice Gateway

The way of processing information will be very different after the Summer Solstice. In the past you were relying on your mental activity and thinking processes. After Solstice Gateway, the main activity will be inside of yourselves. You will create spaces that will have different characteristics from each other. Every space will be a space of creativity. Instead of going one by one to the source as you did before, you will receive all the understanding of what things are and how they work. As a result, you will be getting the full picture with all the details in a moment rather than getting it in a linear way thought by thought. This will be a big shift in consciousness.

When you work with the current energy, you need to remember that this work will not be in the old way. It will be a new way of processing. The way to receive or grasp it, is by energetically tuning into the big picture.

In your 3D world, you can eat and at the same time as you are looking at somebody and listening to them. You are doing multiple activities in your 3D World. You will now be mastering the space in the Quantum world. Because the speed of interaction will be so much faster, you will get a snapshot of these spaces. You will receive it in between the other activities. The flashes of knowledge, the flashes of understanding will come while you are doing the work on something else or when you are working on other topics. Being in all the spaces simultaneously, you will get a snapshot or flashes of other Quantum activities too.

Hugs and love to all of you,