Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Multidirectional Process

With Gaia's vibration rising in the Star Family, it is influencing the planets, stars, solar system and the stars in the other galaxies. Gaia is becoming a more active player in space. With your activity increasing with Gaia and through Gaia and with your vibration rising, it feels like you are becoming a more active participant in events that are happening on a galactic level. Humanity is becoming a noticeable player in the scenarios of life in the galaxy. This process is going both ways. It is like the quantum fields of the galaxy are blending into the quantum fields of Gaia, in the same way the quantum field of Gaia is blending its energy into the whole picture of the galaxy. It is a multidirectional process that is bringing the whole space structure into different levels. If in the past, Gaia and humanity were only receivers, like a receiving point, everybody and everything was sending energy to these receiving points to help them, to charge them, and to work with them.

Now, the energy both incoming and outgoing is on an equal basis. Humanity is becoming an equal participant in whatever is happening in the galaxy right now. Your voice is being heard. Your energy is becoming recognizable and appreciated.

As more awareness of what is happening currently for the planet and for humanity gets into the consciousness of more people, the more active the process will become. More energy will be included in this energetic exchange. Right now, only those who are ready and those who are holding the vibration and those who are leading the process are the pillars of life that are doing most of the work. The more participants from humanity, the more souls included in this process, the less pressure will be on the front runners and they can focus on more tasks.

Look frequently at the night sky with your new tools and senses, you will start seeing more and more of this energy flow, this coordination of efforts of your star brothers and sisters who are participating and you will feel more a part of this process. It is important for you to feel and to know that you are involved in this process and doing your part. You are the ones who are working consciously on a very different level with life in the galaxy.

Hugs and love to all of you,